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Baity 5G By STC: Data and Home Packages

TechBaity 5G By STC: Data and Home Packages

5G has entered the Saudi Kingdom- read to find out how you can make use of it.

With 5G regaling the world, it is only fair the world follows closely. Saudi Arabia has been a pioneer in advancing everything, and the internet is no less. 

Baity is a new internet service by STC that has taken the kingdom by storm with its excellent service. Let’s explore this service and see what it has to offer. 

What is Baity 5G?

Baity 5G by STC is a brand-new internet service completely powered by 5G technology. It offers unlimited data at unprecedented speeds. 

It offers many postpaid and prepaid packages, wireless, and fiber, so you can pick what works best for you and your family.

All of these have different validities, contracts, and time limits, allowing you to pick the one that suits you and your family’s needs perfectly. But if you’re looking to veer into other options too, remember to check Mobily’s packages, which offer prepaid, postpaid and 5G options too.

Baity’s 5G Prepaid Packages

Baity also offers a wide array of prepaid packages currently unrivaled in the market. Let’s explore some of these. 

Baity 5G 6M Special Offer4G and 5G networks with a free router, no caps on the data limitD: 300 Mbps 6 months1725 SR (6 Months) 2999 SR (12 Months) 
Baity Fiber 100 for 6 monthsfree installation for modems and new installations with 6 months of validity plus one extra monthD: 100 Mbps
U: 25 Mbps 
6 months 1838 SR (6 Months) 3448 SR (12 Months) 
Baity’s 5G Prepaid Packages

Baity 5G Postpaid Packages

NameServicesContract PeriodPrice
Baity 5G Stream e-SIMUnlimited internet, FREE subscription on STC TV & Shahid VIP with 50 SR added monthly to STC play wallet and FREE router18 monthsSR199/ Monthly
Baity 5G BasicUnlimited internet, FREE subscription on STC TV, FREE router18 monthsSR209.3/ Monthly
Baity 5G EntertainmentUnlimited internet, FREE subscription on STC TV & Shahid VIP with 50 SR added monthly to STC play wallet, and FREE router18 monthsSR241.05/Monthly
Baity 5G StreamUnlimited internet Free router Free & Fast delivery Network support 5G & 4G18 monthsSR402.5/Monthly
Baity 5G Postpaid Packages

What’s Special About Baity’s 5G? 

You get 3 mesh devices and free installation (which also covers the installation of the outdoor unit and the 3 devices along with 25 meters of free cable).

These devices come with a one-year warranty, and the installation team is always online to help you monitor your 5G solution.


STC aims to bring you the latest and greatest internet innovation and 5G networking. It also offers a variety of sources and amazing Baity Fiber Plans.

STC’s Wi-Fi service is the only one in Kuwait that offers everything. It provides very low pings and low latency, comprehensive and complete wireless coverage, fiber optic, and more!

If you’re looking for a stable and reliable internet service provider, use a 5G plan from STC.