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Extra Stores in Riyadh, The Biggest Offers To Avail

LifestyleExtra Stores in Riyadh, The Biggest Offers To Avail

From different branches in Riyadh to unlimited offers, learn all there is to know about Extra stores in Riyadh.

Welcome to Extra Stores, your ultimate resource for an unparalleled shopping experience in Riyadh. A place where you can find anything you desire.

As a growing superstore company, Extra stores have become a one-stop shop for various electronics, home appliances, cameras, TVs, and many more.

With an outclass presence across Riyadh, it encompasses a well-distributed network of 10 branches across Riyadh, which makes it easier to reach every single corner of Riyadh. On top of this, there are other amazing Malls in Riyadh that you can explore.

Exciting offers of Extra Stores

Extra stores in Riyadh have always been a go-to for savvy shoppers. 

They provide the latest Apple products at exclusive discounts. If you are looking for a good deal on iphone 14, then Extra stores are offering a flat 16% off.

From home appliances to office supplies, you can find it all in one place here. Extra stores offer a discount of flat 28% to 53% off on HP printers. They offer a flat 45% off on Philips Air Fryers. If you’re running low towards the end of the month, we suggest going through this list of top 5 riyal shops in riyadh.

If you are someone who absolutely hates cleaning but also can’t see your house messy. Then, an automatic vacuum cleaner is just the right choice. You can get a Eufy Robovac G10 Hybrid Vacuum Cleaner at a huge discount of 34%. 

From appliances to beauty products, there is a variety of high-end and drugstore products available at Extra Store Riyadh. Each product has a specific discount ranging from as low as 10% to as high as 50% off

Extra stores in Riyadh also offer last-piece discounts. Their services include order tracking, return, and exchange, as well as flexible payments. 

Top 5 Branches of Extra Stores

Get to know all the details and what these extra stores offer. Without any further wait, these are the 5 branches you should not miss out on. If you feel like going to these stores is a hassle, here’s Namshi and its online shopping variety, which can fix your find.

Extra Store At Al-Mashtal

The extra store at Al-Mashtal offers excellent discounts to its customers. They offer up to 60% off on home appliances and up to 15% off on smartphones.

The wide range of headphones and laptops is a feat on its own. Customers can avail the optimum pricing on a wide range of headphones with the best quality and comfort. 

The product’s uniqueness is something to praise, combined with the sales you can not find anywhere else.

They provide their customers with the exceptional service of home delivery. However, despite that, the store is swarming with people over the weekends trying to attain the best offers on their desired products. 

Timings: 9 am to 12 am


Address:  Al Mashtal, طريق الثمامة, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Website:  Order Here 

Extra Store At Eastern Ring Road

Extra store located in Granada Mall at Eastern Ring Road offers its customers extensive offers. It’s situated in Granada Mall, which makes it a huge attraction for the people. 

Many people of background approach extra stores as the store provides a gigantic range of home appliances and electronics. The prices of laptops and smartphones are cheaper as compared to many other online sites.  

Moreover, the staff of the extra store is friendly and ready to help in your retail heaven. With astonishing prices, you can find the best products for pennies. 

Timings: 9 am To 12 am 

Phone: +9668001240900

Address: Eastern Ring Rd, Granada Mall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia eXtra

Website: Order Here


Extra Store At King Abdullah Branch Rd

Extra store at King Abdullah Branch Rd supplies a diverse range of kitchen appliances such as ovens, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines.

The perks you can procure from Extra stores include their availability of electronics from different brands worldwide, including German and Japanese brands, as they have elevated ownership of quality in their products.

Furthermore, the ultimate abundance of offers and discounts will cater to your desires to the utmost satisfaction. They offer 50% off on cosmetic organizer shelves. As well as 30% off on facial brushes.  

Timing:  9 am To 12 am

Phone: +9668001240900

Address: King Abdullah Branch Rd, Al Hamra, Riyadh 13217, Saudi Arabia eXtra

Website: Order Here 

Extra Store At King Abdul Aziz Branch Rd

Extra store at King Abdul Aziz Branch Rd near Tamimi markets is a new branch of Extra stores. It usually faces less crowd as compared to the rest of the branches of Extra stores in Riyadh, combined with substantial parking spaces. 

The staff helps you find the best offers. Furthermore, the promoting brands (Samsung, Apple) team is extremely friendly and reachable.

Moreover, they have an immense range of indoor and outdoor house electronics, making your life easier. Get a Toshiba Dish washer at a huge discount of 41%.  

Timing: 9 am To 12 am

Phone: +9668001240900