5 Riyal Shops In Riyadh | Uncovering The Best 5 Riyal Shops in Riyadh

Discover budget-friendly shopping in Riyadh at these 5 Riyal shops. Find clothes, accessories & household items at unbeatable prices. 

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, is home to a variety of shops and shopping centers, ranging from luxury boutiques to budget-friendly stores called 5 Riyal shops. 

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Budget-Friendly Shopping Stores in Riyadh

One popular shopping option for budget-conscious shoppers is the 5 Riyal shops. Which offer a wide range of products at low prices. 

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Although these 5 Riyal shops are located all over the city, a few areas are particularly known for their concentration of 5 Riyal shops.

List Of 5 Riyal Shops In Riyadh

Al Qasr Mall:

This shopping center is home to a large number of 5 Riyal shops. Where you can find everything from household items to clothing and accessories.

Al Mashaer Mall:

This shopping center in Riyadh is known for its collection of budget-friendly stores, including several 5 Riyal shops.

Al Danah Mall:

This shopping center is a popular destination for budget-conscious shoppers. With a variety of 5 Riyal shops selling a wide range of products.

Al Nakheel Mall:

This mall has several budget-friendly shops and is known for its 5 Riyal shops selling everything from home goods to clothing.

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5 Riyal Store:

Located in the prime location of King Abdul Aziz Road, this store offers similar goods as any 5 riyal shop. Interestingly though, its existence in an uptown locality still brings in a significant flock of people at the store.

5 Riyals Plus:

Located in Al Nafal, Riyadh at Al Imam Saud Ibn Abdulaziz Branch Road, this store has an extended range of products, all of which are available at 5 riyal.

5 Riyals Bazaar :

Located in Al Mohammadiyah, Riyadh at Al Takhassusi Road, this shop offers a range of products, from household items to fashion accessories, all priced at SAR 5.

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5 Riyals Market 

Located in Al Hada, Riyadh at Prince Turki Ibn Abdulaziz Al Awwal Road, this shop offers a diverse range of items, including home decor, toys, groceries, and electronics, all priced at SAR 

5 Riyals Shop  

Located in Al Wadi, Riyadh at Othman Ibn Affan Road, this shop has a wide range of products available, including stationery, kitchen utensils, toys, and clothing items for both men and women, all priced at SAR 5.

5 Riyals Plus

At 5 Riyals Plus in Al Nahda, Riyadh at Riyadh Road, you’ll find a wide range of products available, including toys, stationery, and household essentials, all priced at SAR 5.

5 Riyals Mart

Located in Al Izdihar, Riyadh at Al Imam Abdulaziz Ibn Muhammad Ibn Saud Street, 5 Riyals Mart offers a diverse range of products, from food items to clothing and household essentials, all priced at SAR 5.

5 Riyals World

5 Riyals World in Al Taawun, Riyadh at Makkah Al Mukarramah Branch Road, has a vast selection of products available, including clothing, accessories, and home decor items, all priced at SAR 5.

5 Riyals Deals

5 Riyals Deals in Al Falah, Riyadh at Prince Turki Al Awal Road, has a diverse range of products, including electronics, fashion accessories, and home decor, all priced at SAR 5.

5 Riyals City

Located in Al Oud, Riyadh at Al Oud Street, 5 Riyals City offers a range of products, including household items, stationery, and clothing, all priced at SAR 5.

Location Address: Al Oud Street, Al Oud, Riyadh

Maps Direction: https://goo.gl/maps/85ABhVdjwjxFTbrm7

Contact Information: +966 50 530 9631

Things to watch out for

When shopping at 5 Riyal shops, it’s essential to remember that the quality of products may vary. It’s always a good idea to carefully inspect items before purchasing them to ensure they are in good condition and meet your expectations. 

Choices and availability of products

Additionally, many 5 Riyal shops in Riyadh are small, independent businesses. So you may have to search a bit to find the products you need.

Overall, Riyadh offers a variety of shopping options for budget-conscious shoppers, including the many 5 Riyal shop found throughout the city.

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These shops provide a wide range of products at low prices but beware that the quality of the products may vary. So it’s best to check the items carefully before purchasing them.

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