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Why Arabian Horses Are So Expensive and Breeds Available

OthersWhy Arabian Horses Are So Expensive and Breeds Available

When asked about the most expensive horse breeds in the world, they usually answer Arabian horses. It’s a common term everyone’s familiar with, but most people, including myself, don’t know what makes their price range so high.

So I researched them and gathered some very interesting facts that make Arabian horses so expensive.

  • Arabian horses command high prices due to their exceptional pedigree, unparalleled beauty, and unmatched endurance. These majestic creatures have a rich history and lineage dating back centuries. Buyers are willing to invest significantly in these horses because of their proven performance in various equestrian disciplines.
  • One of the primary reasons for their high price is their unique bloodlines. These horses boast pure and ancient genetic heritage, making them prized for breeding programs worldwide. This exclusivity contributes to their high market value.
  • Furthermore, they possess distinctive physical features. Their elegant, refined heads, arched necks, and expressive eyes make them stand out in the equine world. These attributes and their grace and athleticism make them highly sought after for show and competition.
  • Another key factor is their exceptional endurance. They naturally can cover long distances with minimal fatigue, a trait inherited from their desert-dwelling ancestors. This stamina is invaluable in endurance racing and competitive trail riding, further driving up their prices.

Here’s a look at this breed of horses and what sets it apart from the rest.

How Many Types of Arabian Horse Breeds Are There?

There are six types of purebred Arabian horses:

Egyptian Arabian

Egyptian Arabian Horse
Egyptian Arabian Horse

These horses, also known as the Straight Egyptians, were first preserved in the 20th century and are considered the purest breed since they have never been interbred with other types of Arabians. They make up only 2% of all Arabian horses.

Russian Arabian

Russian Arabian Horse
Russian Arabian Horse

Known as perfect family horses because of their calm temperaments, Russian Arabians were created by interbreeding many bloodlines, including Polish and Crabbet. They are known for their stamina, making them popular as equine horses.

Polish Arabian

Polish Arabian Horse breed
Polish Arabian Horse

Arabians were first introduced to Poland in the 16th century following a war, and efforts to preserve the depleting bloodline gave birth to the Polish Arabians.

There are two major subtypes:

  • Seglawi is known for its beauty.
  • Kuhailans are known for their athleticism.

Crabbet Arabian

Crabbet 100% Arabian Horse Breed
Crabbet Arabian Horse – Picture Courtesy:

Named after their place of origin, these horses were bred to be physically impressive. They’re the tallest Arabians and most common in the endurance riding field.

Spanish Arabian

Spanish Arabian Horse Breed
Spanish Arabian Horse – Picture Courtesy: Albrecht Spanish Arabians

Making up just 0.1% of all Arabian horses, this breed is known for being sturdy and athletic, making them prime equine horses.

Shagya Arabian

Shagya Arabian Horse
Shagya Arabian Horse – Picture Courtesy: Babolna National Stud, Horse & Pony New Zealand.

The Shagya are the most interbred with modern horses, originating in the Hungarian military out of a need for athletic horses that could carry loads. They have strong bodies and friendly temperaments, making them popular for horse riding.

How Expensive are Arabian Horses?

Different factors affect the price of Arabian horses for sale. The average is between $5,000 and $30,000, but prized show horses have been known to go for as much as $150,000.

The price is affected by age. Foals can be more expensive because of their reproductive ability, bloodline, training, genes, and color.

Why are Arabian Horses the Best? 

Part of the reason why they are so expensive is that they are one of the oldest breeds created for excellence. Their origin in the desert means they are primed for endurance and strength, which makes them excellent show horses.

In conclusion, the allure of Arabian horses lies in their impeccable lineage, stunning beauty, and outstanding performance capabilities. These factors and their endurance justify their reputation as some of the most expensive horses in the world.


What do Arabian horses eat?

Like most horses, the best diet includes grains such as maize, oats, and barley, fresh grass, hay, and some fruits and vegetables.

Are Arabian horses the best?

While there might be other breeds that can jump or run better, they are the best endurance horses. This makes them one of the most popular horse breeds in the world.

Why do Arabian horses raise their tails?

Since the breed originated in the desert, a high carriage tail is seen as a symbol of Arabian horses. They might have needed their tails to swat flies and insects away.

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