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Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About People With Dimples

LifestyleInteresting Facts You Might Not Know About People With Dimples

Dimples are an incredibly charming addition to any person or people, leaving them the center of attention in any room.

Not only are people with dimples considered incredibly attractive, but there are many wishing they too, would have dimples.

However, despite the rampant fascination with dimples and people who have them, there’s quite a bit you might not know about them. 

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Why People Have Dimples

Dimples are a result of a genetic defect that is typically inherited through families.

Since it is a dominant gene- meaning that if one parent has dimples, the child will probably also have it- it is common to see whole families smiling adorably with dimpled cheeks.

Dimples are caused by a muscle variation that creates a gap when brushing over one another, forming a crater-like appearance in one’s skin.

Despite that, there’s not anything confirmed, especially related to genetics, as there’s been little to no research done

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How Rare People With Dimples Are 

Dimples are actually an infrequent occurrence, enough so to even get their own scientific name! Dimples, not just on cheeks, are scientifically known as gelatin.

Only 20 to 30 percent of the world’s population have dimples, whether on the cheek or otherwise, making them incredibly rare and dimples a desirable trait.

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Something even rarer is having two dimples on one cheek! Less than 1 percent of the population is able to have those. 

Relevance Of People With Dimples In Certain Cultures 

For a lot of cultures, dimples aren’t just believed to be attractive or charming, but a blessing. Individuals with dimples are believed to be blessed with good luck, beauty, and happiness in life.

One such culture is very prevalent in China. Chinese children born with dimples are believed to have good luck.

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An interesting part of Haitian culture is that new mothers tend to gently indent their childrens’ cheeks in the hope of forming dimples. 

Dimples Make You Look Young 

According to popular opinion, dimples help look a lot younger than they actually are and make them look charming and fit.

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A big reason this youth and charm are associated with dimples is that they are most occurrent in babies.

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Seeing someone with dimples and rounded and full cheeks brings back that illusion of youth and adorableness that individuals most associate with babies. 

Dimples Used To Be A Dimpling Machine 

The enamourment with dimples is nothing new.

In the 1900s notably, dimples used to be something incredibly desirable that women were told men look for in the perfect partner.

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In the wake of this, Isabelle Gilbert developed a ‘dimpling machine’ in 1936, which was an instant hit.

The machine was a face spring with two knobs that pressed into your cheeks.

While it wasn’t effective in the long run, it did leave slight dimples when it was taken off. 

You Can Get Dimples Too! 

With technology and medicine making huge waves, getting dimples now is a wish that can be granted.

Dimpleplasty is a form of plastic surgery which leaves indents on your cheeks, giving you realistic cheek dimples.

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With minimal risks and results being seen as soon as six months right after the surgery, dimpleplasty is an incredibly popular procedure. 

Dimples are Not Just On Cheeks 

Dimples are rare on cheeks, but they can also be found in other parts of the body.

One of the most popular and attractive forms of dimples in women are considered to be venus dimples, located right on the lower back.

Chin dimples are also an incredibly attractive trait. Moreover, back dimples are also seen as a sign of beauty. 

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They get their name from Venus, the goddess of love. The name represents the charm and beauty that these dimples bring. 


Despite dimples being a symbol of beauty and desirability, it is important to remember that you are just as beautiful and good without them.

It is not the end of the world to not have conventional beauty marks.

In fact, it looks a lot better! You are unique and brilliant in your own right, with or without dimples. With or without the ideal Eurocentrically beautiful body, with or without the traditionally ‘attractive’ features.