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10(Ten) Best Grocery and Supermarket Chains in Saudi Arabia

Lifestyle10(Ten) Best Grocery and Supermarket Chains in Saudi Arabia

A short insight into the supermarket world of the KSA and what places are best to shop. 

Whether you’re stepping out to buy a few essentials or shopping for the whole family, grocery shopping is one of the most important trips of the entire week.

It is not just about buying stuff; grocery shopping is an exclusive experience that brings families together. And what better way to go out shopping than giant supermarkets with snack bars, too? Saudi Arabia is no exception.

The buildings are gorgeous, the supermarkets are vast, and the variety is to die for. Little escapes the world of supermarkets, from fresh veggies to everyday essentials, edibles, and pet food. 

This article has compiled info on some of the most famous supermarket chains in Saudi Arabia. So read on!


Lulu is one of a kind, with a calm ambiance and modern aura, with novel varieties. It integrates all possible consumer needs under one roof.  

Lulu hypermarkets are known for several splendid things. There are roomy parking spaces, fun play areas for children, extensive counters with easy access, and a famed food court.

But there is much more to Lulu than meets the eye. Lulu also has money exchange kiosks and bank counters in its supermarkets, making the shopping experience more straightforward. 

Lulu offers a tremendous range of products in its stores. Little escapes this plethora, from vegetables to electronics, school supplies, fresh items, and lifestyle products.

You can shop for the new trendiest clothes while getting weekend groceries. And wrap up the trip with a hearty dinner at the fabulous food court. 

There is just one thing better than shopping in person – online shopping. And Lulu has you covered on that front, too.

Are you not feeling like walking down the block to pick up groceries? Just order online on their website and have it delivered to you within hours. It is all convenient and trouble-free. 

Lulu forms a canopy over many national and eminent international brands.

It genuinely lives up to its motto, ‘LuLu, where the world comes to shop.’ It shows intricate business planning and is extremely popular with consumers across the Gulf.

The Lulu franchise is a family of over 190 stores around the Saudi states, with its home in Jeddah. 

This is one of the first modern supermarkets to develop in the Gulf region.

Founded a little in 1978, known as just Panda at the time, this store opened its first branch in Riyadh. 1999, the Azizia Panda Company underwent a significant merger with the Savola group.

Hence, it became one of the largest retail distributors in the Middle East.  

In November 2014, the company changed its name from Azizia Panda United to Panda Retail Company.

This brand is worth millions of dollars today, with a network of over 200 stores under Panda and HyperPanda markets. This makes Panda the largest retail company operating in the Kingdom. It serves a function in over 35 cities of the KSA. 

Panda is one of the first companies in the Kingdom to hire females and disabled people as cashiers. They are employing the most unlikely of people.

People around KSA applaud Panda for using their platform to bring good to this world.

Panda stores are famous for their quality products. There is fresh produce, organic stuff, drinks, and beauty products, just some of the many varieties they offer.

The prices all fall within very reasonable ranges. However, weekly discount offers drop the charges further, and it’s always a bright idea to look out for them.

Somewhat old-school and much more conventional than the rest on this list is Al Jazira. It is one of the most popular supermarkets, especially amongst ex-p