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The Esports World Cup Starting From 3rd July 2024

SportsThe Esports World Cup Starting From 3rd July 2024

Introducing the revamped Esports World Cup, formerly known as Gamers8. Prepare for an electrifying annual gaming event in Riyadh featuring an expanded lineup of games, players, and excitement!

The Esports World Cup, set to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a groundbreaking event with a record-breaking prize pool of over $60 million.

The tournament, announced by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, aims to position Saudi Arabia as a global hub for gaming and esports, aligning with the country’s Vision 2030 objectives of economic diversification and job creation. 

Esports World Cup Schedule

The 2024 Esports World Cup will kick off on Wednesday, July 2nd and conclude on Sunday, August 25th. Prepare for a thrilling six-week event featuring competitions across 19 games.

Esports World Cup location

While the precise venue remains undisclosed, we can confirm that the tournament will take place in the capital city.

Esports prize money

The victorious team will claim a staggering prize pool exceeding USD60,000,000. This exciting revelation was announced on the championship’s official Instagram on Tuesday, April 16th.

The competition, scheduled to start annually in the summer of 2024, will feature various games across genres, offering the largest prize pools in esports history. 

The Esports World Cup Foundation, a nonprofit organization established to enhance collaboration in the esports sector, will oversee the event, which is expected to attract global attention and boost tourism in Saudi Arabia. 

The tournament’s innovative format includes segments like the Club Championship, Game Championships, Qualifiers, and MVP Awards, providing significant opportunities for esports organizations and players to compete for substantial rewards.

Esports World Cup Tickets

Stay tuned for updates on Esports World Cup tickets, which will soon be announced on Saudi Scoop. Additional tournament details will be published, too.