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Zain KSA Prepaid & Postpaid Internet Packages (Updated May 2024)

TechZain KSA Prepaid & Postpaid Internet Packages (Updated May 2024)

It is the first mobile and data service provider in the Middle East, started in Kuwait in 1983. Since then, it has expanded rapidly and now has a user base of well over 45 million people.

They offer several internet packages, and Zain’s prepaid and postpaid call packages are popular, too.

What should you go for? Which is the best one? These are often questions you might think up. Therefore, if you want to get to know some of the Zain Internet Packages and find the best one for you, keep reading. 

Prepaid Internet Bundles

DataValiditySMS Code to 959Price SAR
500 MB7 DaysD 50012
1 GB7 Days40415
2 GB1 Month40540
250 MB1 Day4025
4 GB1 Month40660
8 GB1 Month40775
105GB1 Month411160
300 GB3 Months414450
DataSocial MediaValiditySMS Code to 959Price SAR
UnlimtedUnlimited1 DayDUL15
30 GB50 GB1 Month40899
30 GB30 GB3 Month409175
75 GB75 GB2 Month410199
125GB100 GB3 Month421299
UnlimitedUnlimited1 Month416325
UnlimitedUnlimited3 Months417999
UnlimitedUnlimited7 Days42085
Unlimited1 Day 3105
Unlimited7 Days31120
Unlimited7 Days31335
Unlimited4 Weeks31260
  • To activate the offer, send 408 to 959
  • To check your remaining Zain balance, send BC to 959 
  • To cancel Auto Renew: Dial the Activation Code with ‘2’ in the last. Example: If You Want to Cancel or Renew SAR 343.85 Plan, Send SMS 4012 to 959
  • The Price includes 15% VAT
  • Social Media includes Facebook and Youtube
PackageDataSocial MediaMinutes & SMSPriceCodeValidity
Shabab 7915GB15GB400 local minutesSR 79Send SH79 to 9594 Weeks
Shabab 11930GB30GB1000 local minutesSR 119Send SH119 to 9594 Weeks
Shabab 14930GBUnlimited1400 local minutesSR 149Send SH149 to 9594 Weeks
Shabab 17970GBUnlimited1400 local minutesSR 179Send SH179 to 9594 Weeks
Shabab 229100GBUnlimited1400 local minutesSR 229Send SH229 to 9594 Weeks
  • Stop auto-renewal Code: CA149
  • De-Activiation Code: CS149
  • Social Media includes YouTube, Snapchat, X, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Jaco.
  • Wi-Fi Calling is available
  • Existing Customers: To manage your line, please subscribe through the Zain App or send the code to 959.
  • Pay-as-you-go rate for Zain line 0.45 SAR per minute for local calls – 0.25 SAR for local and International SMS.
  • Line Type: New Line, Transfer Line
  • SIM Type: Regular SIM, eSIM
  • Product Card Here
  • National Calls & SMS Benefit
  • Now, ZAIN is presenting a new way of using Calls and SMS. Both of them will use the same pool, so if you use 1 min call, it decreases the usage for one, and if you use 1 SMS, it decreases the usage for one.
  • Plan benefits will be renewed every month.
DataSocial MediaMinutes& SMSPriceValidity
2GB2GB100SR 494 Weeks
5GB5GB400SR 694 Weeks
10GB10GB800SR 83.154 Weeks
25GB25GB1200SR 123.374 Weeks
50GB50GB1800SR 178.234 Weeks
100GBUnlimitedUnlimitedSR 245.054 Weeks
UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedSR 4094 Weeks
DataValiditySend SMS to 959Price SAR
1 GB1 MonthD100034.5
2 GB1 MonthD200057.5
5 GB1 MonthD500086.25
10 GB1 Month10GBM109.25
10 GB3 Months10GB189.75
20 GB3 Months20GB253<