Zain Internet Packages In Saudi Arabia | Daily, Weekly & Monthly (Updated Nov. 2023)

Find out about all the internet packages that Zain has to offer in 2023

It is the first mobile and data service provider in the Middle East, started in Kuwait in 1983. Since then, it has expanded rapidly and now has a user base of well over 45 million people.

What should you go for? Which is the best one? These are often questions you might think up. Therefore, if you want to get to know some of the Zain Internet Packages and find the best one for you, keep reading. 

DataPrice SARValidity Activation Code: SMS Code to 959
50MB21 Day401
500MB127 DayD500
1GB151 Week404
2GB401 Month405
4GB601 Month406
8GB751 Month407
105GB1601 Month411
300GB4503 Months414
25GB+25GB991 Month408
30GB+30GB1753 Months409
75GB+75GB1992 Months410
125GB+100GB2993 Months421
Unlimited 5G3251 Month408
Daily UL Data151 DayDUL
Daily UL Calls/Data181 DayAUL
Unlimited 5G9993 Months417
Unlimited 5G857 Days420
Daily Social Media51 Day310
Weekly Social Media207 Days311
Social Media Plus357 Days313
Monthly Social Media604 Weeks312
  • To activate the offer, send an SMS with the activation code to 959
  • To check your remaining Zain balance, send the code with the prefix BC (e.g., BC403) to 959 
  • To cancel Auto Renew: Dial the Activation Code with ‘2’ in the last. Example: If You Want to Cancel or Renew SAR 343.85 Plan, Send SMS 4012 to 959
  • The Price includes 15% VAT
PackageLocal minutesPrice SARValidityActivation Code to 959
Daily Local Calling252.51 DayL1
Weekly Local Calling150137 DaysL7
Monthly Local Calling5003030 DaysL30
Zain Calling Daily ULUnlimited51 Day1005
Zain Calling Weekly ULUnlimited97 Days1006
Zain Calling Monthly ULUnlimited3030 Days1007
PackageLocal minutesDataSocial MediaPrice SARValidityActivation Code to 959
Shabab594005GB5GB594 weeksS59
Shabab99150015GB20GB994 weeksS99
Shabab149300030GBUnlimited1491 MonthS149
Shabab179Unlimited50GBUnlimited1791 MonthS179
Shabab199Unlimited95GBUnlimited1991 MonthS199
  • Social Media includes YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp.
  • Stop auto-renewal Code: CA149
  • De-Activiation Code: CS149
  • The pay-as-you-go rate for the Zain line is 0.45 SAR per minute for local calls  – 0.45 SAR per MB – and 0.25 SAR for local and international SMS.
  • To activate the offer, send an SMS with the activation code to 959
  • To check your remaining Zain balance, send the code with the prefix BC (e.g., BC403) to 959 
  • To Cancel Auto-Renew: Dial Activation Code with ‘2’ in last. Example: If You Want to Cancel or Renew the SAR 99 Plan, Send SMS 4082 to 959.
  • The price does not include a 15% VAT.
PackageFlex MinutesDATASocial MediaPrice SARValidityActivation Code to 959
Zain Flex 291001GB1GB294 weeks101
Zain Flex 593005GB5GB594 weeks104
Zain Flex 9975025GB25GB994 weeks102
Zain Flex 139120040GBUnlimited1394 weeks105
Zain Flex 2292000100GBUnlimited2294 weeks106
Zain Flex 3191000100GBUnlimited3193 months103
  • Flex minutes can be used for local calls & 7 international destinations: (Sudan, Pakistan, India, Yemen, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Kuwait)
  • To check your remaining benefits balance, visit
  • For more information, visit
  • Prices do not include VAT.
  • PAYG rate for the Zain line is 0.45 SAR per minute for local calls – 0.45 SAR per MB – 0.25 SAR for local and international SMS.
PackagePrice SARDataSocial MediaCallValidity
Flex 29SAR 33.351 GB1 GB100 Min4 Weeks
Flex 59SAR 67.855 GB 5 GB300 Min4 Weeks
Shabab 59 PrepaidSAR 67.855 GB5 GB400 min4 Weeks
Shabab 99 PrepaidSAR 113.8515 GB20 GB1500 min4 Weeks
Flex 99SAR 113.8520 GBUnlimited250 min4 Weeks
Flex 139SAR 159.8540 GBUnlimited800 min4 Weeks
Shabab 149 PrepaidSAR 171.3530 GBUnlimited3000 min4 Weeks
Shabab 199 PrepaidSAR 228.8595 GBUnlimitedUnlimited4 Weeks
Flex 229SAR 263.35100 GB1300 Min4 Weeks
Flex 319SAR 366.85100 GBUnlimited800 Min4 Weeks
PackagePrice SARDataSocial MediaCallValidity
Prepaid Data 25 GB + 25 GB YouTubeSAR 113.8525 GB25 GB4 Weeks
Prepaid Data 30 GB + 30 GB Free SocialSAR 201.2530 GB30 GB3 Months
Prepaid Data 75 GB + 75 GB YouTubeSAR 228.85 75 GB75 GB2 Months
Prepaid Data UnlimitedSAR 373.75UL4 Weeks
Prepaid Data 300 GBSAR 517.50300 GB4 Weeks

To activate the Zain Digital eSIM offers, use the Zain App.

PackagesFlex MinutesSocial MediaDataValidityActivation CodePrice SAR
Visitor 30501GB3GB2 Weeks303034.5
Visitor 5015GB2 Weeks505057.5
Visitor 701505GB10GB4 Weeks707080.5
Visitor 130350Unlimited25GB4 Weeks1300149.5
  • The Price upon auto-renewal is without VAT since it is collected during recharge.
  • Flex minutes can be used for local and international calls.
  • The eligible countries for the international minutes are: (Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Zain Sudan Network, India, and Egypt.)
  • Stop auto-renewal code: CA” activation code,” ex. CA3030
  • De-activation code: C” activation code,” ex. C3030
PackagesLocal MinutesDateSMSPrice SAR
Visitor 300.55 SAR/Minute0.55 SAR/MB0.55 SAR/Local SMS34.5
  • After every recharge of 20 SAR or more, you will get FREE calls on the Zain network.
  • For new customers, after 1st recharge of SAR 20 or more, you will get FREE 2 GB, valid for 1 day.

Zain KSA is a leading mobile service provider operating in the Middle Eastern and some African regions.

You can transfer credit from your Zain sim internationally to several countries as well.

Zain Internet Package offers tons of plans for both mobile service and internet data that you can choose from. The problem with this, however, is that it can get a bit difficult to find what fits you best in terms of the Zain Internet Packages. But you can find all prepaid packages on this page regularly.

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