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Zain KSA: Prepaid & Postpaid Call Packages

TechZain KSA: Prepaid & Postpaid Call Packages

One of the best network providers in the country has come up with a series of packages that will satisfy your calling needs.

In our fast-paced and busy lives, clear and reliable communication is of immense value. Thankfully, Zain KSA understands our needs. It provides a series of flexible, cheap, and convenient voice packages that offer great value for any type of talker.

Whether you’re someone who has to make important business calls or a heavy talker who loves to chat with their friends. Zain offers you the best Daily, Weekly, and Monthly calling offers. These offers are provided in both prepaid and postpaid options, so you can be worry-free and call non-stop.

Zain offers a range of voice bundles and packages in prepaid options. You must top up your account with sufficient credit to activate these packages.

PackageDataSocial MediaCallsValidityPriceActivation Code (Send SMS to 959)
Zain Flex 595GB5GB300 minutes4 Weeks67.85104
Zain Flex 9925GB25GB700 minutes4 Weeks113.85102
Zain Flex 13940GBUnlimited1200 minutes4 Weeks159.85105
Zain Flex 229100GBUnlimited2000 minutes4 Weeks236.85106
Zain Flex 319100GBUnlimited1000 minutes4 Weeks366.85103
  • Flex minutes can be used for local calls & 7 international destinations: (Sudan, Pakistan, India, Yemen, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Kuwait)
  • To check your remaining benefits balance, visit
  • For more information, visit
  • Prices do not include VAT.
  • PAY rate for the Zain line is 0.45 SAR per minute for local calls – 0.45 SAR per MB – 0.25 SAR for local and international SMS.
Package Flex MinutesDataSocial MediaValidityPriceActivation Code
Visitor 30503GB1GB2 Weeks34.53030
Visitor 5015GB2 Weeks57.55050
Visitor 7015010GB5GB4 Weeks80.57070
Visitor 13035025GBUnlimited4 Weeks149.51300
MinutesValidityPrice SMS Activation code to 959
251 Day2.9L1
1507 Days14.95L7
50030 Days34.5L30
PackageDataMinutesSocial MediaRoaming DataPriceValidity
Shabab 595400 local567.851 Month
Shabab 99151500 local20113.851 Month
Shabab 149303000 localUnlimited171.351 Month
Shabab 19995UnlimitedUnlimited228.851 Month
Shabab 299150UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited in GCC343.851 Month
Shabab 399UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited458.851 Month
InternetLocal CallsRoaming DataOutgoing Roaming MinutesIncoming Roaming MinutesInternational MinutesPrice
175GBUnlimitedSR 287.50
UnlimitedUnlimited2GB100SR 414.50
UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited150Unlimited130SR 632.50

Whether you’re choosing a flex, Shabab, or black package, you’re choosing convenience and affordability for yourself. Zain KSA also provides amazing internet prepaid and postpaid packages. With its reliable and consistent service, Zain KSA is one of the best options in the market.

It provides complete customer service and satisfaction with features such as finding out your Zain balance.