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Cobone Riyadh: The Best Deals in KSA

LifestyleCobone Riyadh: The Best Deals in KSA

Whether you’re a tourist or a resident here, Riyadh is a fantastic city. It can get expensive, though, so Cobone Riyadh is a lifesaver! With their daily deals and discounted offers, users of Cobone can get all sorts of products, experiences, and services at a reasonable price. 

How Does Cobone Work? 

Cobone Riyadh is an online marketplace that gives its users deals and discounts. Its operations are primarily in the Middle East. 

The Cobone platform works on a group-buying model. It means that the user has to purchase a deal to use it. For instance, they might have to buy a SAR200 deal to benefit from a 50 percent discount on dinner in a high-end restaurant. The ‘group’ part means that a certain number of people must purchase the deal before it becomes active. 

Once you’re subscribed to Cobone, it makes sense to select some preferred categories. The app can notify you when, for instance, the makeup category gets any new arrivals. 

Cobone Categories

Cobone Riyadh’s categories might be different from those of Cobone Dubai. The deals you get mostly depend on where you’re using the app from. Let’s now have a look at the Cobone Riyadh categories on offer: 


With Ramadan so close, it’s only logical that Cobone Riyadh has some great deals related to this sacred month. This category is divided into subcategories such as ‘Iftar,’ ‘Suhoor,’ ‘Hotel Iftars,’ and so on. For example, there is a deal for an adult Iftar buffet at Radisson Blu Al Malaz at SAR165.


There are several food options available on the Cobone Riyadh app. Users can first choose the type of food they’re looking for – pasta, Asian, seafood, burgers, desserts, and so on. 

There are also separate categories for more general options like lunch, dinner, breakfast, buffet, 5-star, etc. Those on a budget can go for the ‘Under 39’ deals and see what works. For instance, a voucher worth SAR 7 for a buy-one-and-get-one-free meal at Oregano Pizzeria. 


Deals in this category are divided into sections such as ‘Wheel Services,’ ‘Car Washing,’ ‘Window Tinting,’ ‘Detailing and Cleaning,’ etc. With these options, users can choose according to the service they want. 

They can also get a high-end deal or something within a limited budget. 


The Cobone Riyadh app covers all kinds of activity categories. These include ‘Indoor Activities,’ ‘Kids & Family,’ and ‘Online Courses.’ 

This way, parents don’t have to browse many options for family-friendly activities. Online courses are also best-sellers, with the Oxford English Online Course now charging a heavily discounted price of SAR 59. 


It’s essential to look your best, so why not use the Cobone app for some beauty services? The options include massages, Morcocons baths, beauty salon packages, nails, hair, and much more. 

Those on a strict budget might want to check out the ‘Under 99’ deals first. Certain brands are offered as separate categories, such as the Diamond Spa, Top Calm Spa, etc. 


Health and wellness should be a priority, which is why the Cobone Riyadh app also offers medical clinic deals. You can choose essential options such as ‘Dental Care’ and ‘Physio and Wellbeing’. 

There are also categories for beauty treatments such as ‘Laser Hair Removal.’ A few clinics are on the app, too, with offers that might be useful when you’re sick. 


Arabs love their jewelry, so get some when in Riyadh! Cobone will help you with its deals on pearl jewelry, necklaces, sets, and many other options. You can also shop from names like Liwan Len, Elegance Soma, etc. 


Currently, Cobone Riyadh only offers deals on KSA Hotels within this category. Worry not; there are quite a few choices here. Users can book romantic stays and a one-night stay for their business meetings, and they can also opt for family stays at park resorts.