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Visitor Simcard Packages KSA

TechVisitor Simcard Packages KSA

Visitor sims play a significant role in ensuring seamless, reliable communication for pilgrims and tourists. Explore the tourist packages as well as Hajj and Umrah packages.

Whether you are visiting Saudi Arabia for vacation, business, ziyara, Hajj, or Umrah, staying connected with friends and family is essential. 

This article will guide you through obtaining a Visitor SIM card in Saudi Arabia, covering the available options, required documents, and how to quickly acquire your SIM card.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia now offers a range of SIM cards from multiple networks. Several packages are tailored to meet tourists’ communication and data requirements. 

A reliable SIM card will provide an individual with extensive coverage and dependable services in most areas, especially the top tourist destinations and cities. 

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the most reliable and popular options for visitor SIMS in KSA today: 

STC SAWA Visitor Packages

As the largest mobile operator in the Kingdom, STC also boasts one of the best network coverages. They have the SAWA Visitor SIM cards, especially for tourists and other visitors in Saudi Arabia. The packages are as follows:

Name of PackagePriceInternet allowancePackage ValidityLocal Minutes and International Call Allowance
Sawa Visitor  3540.25 SAR5 GB2 weeks1 hour
Sawa Visitor 5563.2515 GB2 weeks2 hours
Sawa Visitor 7080.50 SAR20 GB3 weeks3 hours
Sawa Visitor 100115 SAR40 GB4 weeks5 hours
Sawa Visitor Flex 130150 SAR50 GB28 days5  hours

Mobily Visitor Packages

This is Saudi Arabia’s second-largest mobile network operator. We can expect decent service from Mobily, with a variety of post- and prepaid plans to choose from. Here are their options now:

Name of PackageNormal CreditNational MinutesFlex Minutes (both national and international)International MinutesDataInternational CreditBundlesValidity
Visitors 3020 SAR200.230 days
Visitors 401002 GB10 SAR30 days
Visitors 505015 GB14 days
Visitors 602003 GB20 SAR30 days
Visitors 9020010 GB30 days
Visitors 100Unlimited20020 GB14 days
Visitors 15010008 GB60 SAR30 days

Zain Visitor Packages

This is the third-largest mobile network operator in KSA. It also provides decent service at reasonable rates. Expect postpaid and prepaid options, with a minimum 1 GB data allowance. If you have a compatible device, eSIMS are also available with this network:

Name of PackagePriceSocial MediaInternetFlex Calls & SMS
Visitor 3034.50 SAR1 GB3 GB50
Visitor 50 57.50 SAR15 GB
Visitor 7080.50 SAR5 GB10 GB150
Visitor 130145.50 SARUnlimited25 GB350

Prepaid SIMS are easy to buy. Stores, online platforms, and the airport are all reliable locations. However, you might be asked to present your passport, Iqama, ID, etc. 

A word of warning, though: quite a few street vendors are trying to sell pre-card SIMS at discounted prices. Please don’t get any of these; they’re probably already registered in someone else’s place.  


With Saudi Arabia opening its doors to tourists in 2019, most visitors need at least one visitor sim per group. Sometimes, SIM cards and numbers are available to people when they purchase tourist packages, Hajj packages, or Umrah Packages. 

In any case, it’s undoubtedly a great boon to have several reliable choices when visiting KSA! Conduct your research and see which package suits you best. 


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