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Lebara Internet Packages Saudi Arabia 2024 (Updated July)

TechLebara Internet Packages Saudi Arabia 2024 (Updated July)

Table of Content

  1. All Lebara Internet Packages Options
  2. Lebara Mobile Internet Packages
  3. Postpaid Packages
  4. Terms and Conditions for Lebara Internet packages

Staying connected in today’s fast-paced world is more important than ever. Whether streaming shows, browsing social media, or staying in touch, having a reliable mobile data package is essential. 

All Lebara Internet Packages Options

With the many options, choosing the right one for you cannot be easy. So, we compiled a comprehensive guide for the available Lebara mobile data packages.

From daily plans with 500MB of data for just 5 SAR to unlimited data packages for a week at 99 SAR, there’s something for everyone. With options to buy with Lebara balance or dial a simple code, getting connected has never been easier. 

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So why wait? Choose the perfect mobile data package that suits you!

Lebara Mobile Internet Packages

DataPrice (SAR)Validity
500 MB51 day
1 GB101 day
5 GB151 day
YouTube Unlimited9.991 day
Social Unlimited5.991 day
Unlimited Daily191 day

Daily Packages

DataPrice (SAR)Validity
10 GB35weekly
50 MB2weekly
500 MB10weekly
3 GB25weekly
Social Unlimited29.99weekly
Unlimited Weekly99weekly

Weekly Packages

Monthly Packages

DataSocial Media (GB)Price (SAR)Validity
1 GB17monthly
2 GB28monthly
4 GB45monthly
15 GB65monthly
40 GB95monthly
50 GBunlimited115monthly
95 GBunlimited175monthly

3 Month Packages

DataValidityPrice (SAR)Activation Code
10 GB85110Dial *777*10000#
30 GB + 30 GB Social90175Dial *777*20000#
100 GB + 100 GB Social90260Dial *777*50000#
150 GB + 100 GB Social90330Dial *777*01000#

Yalla Bundles

Yalla PackageDataSocial MediaLocal CallsValidityPrice
Yalla 35 – Weekly10 GB100 minutes7 days35 SAR
Yalla 30 – Weekly3 GB300 minutes7 days30 SAR
Yalla 55 (55 SAR) – Week15 GB100 minutes14 days55 SAR
Yalla 20 (20 SAR) – Week1.5 GB100 minutes14 days20 SAR
Yalla 453 GB1 GB250 minutes28 days45 SAR
Yalla 558 GB250 minutes28 days55 SAR
Yalla 606 GB9 GB400 minutes28 days60 SAR
Yalla 30 (30 SAR)1.5 GB1 GB100 minutes28 days30 SAR
Yalla 20500 MB120 minutes30 days20 SAR
Yalla 10250 MB50 minutes30 days10 SAR
Yalla 30 (30 SAR)1.5 GB150 minutes30 days30 SAR
Yalla 7015 GB20 GB350 minutes30 days70 SAR
Yalla 9035 GB55 GB600 minutes30 days90 SAR
Yalla 11040 GBUnlimited1100 minutes30 days110 SAR
Yalla 13055 GBUnlimited1000 minutes30 days130 SAR
Yalla 15070 GBUnlimited1000 minutes30 days150 SAR
Yalla 18095 GBUnlimited600 minutes30 days180 SAR
Yalla 220120 GBUnlimited700 minutes30 days220 SAR

Postpaid Packages

Price(SAR)(VAT Exclusive)Local MinutesOther NetworksLebara NetworkDataSocial MediaLocal SMS
55557 GB7 GB
8065020 GB20 GB
99160020 GB30 GB
2251000 MinutesUnlimited Minutes100 GBUnlimited GB225 SMS
399Unlimited MinutesUnlimited MinutesUnlimited GBUnlimited GBUnlimited SMS

Terms and Conditions for Lebara Internet packages

Customers can buy as many Lebara Data bundles as they need as often as they like. 

Any further mobile internet usage is charged at the package rates if you consume all of your Lebara data accounts.

Data bundles do not auto-renew on the expiry date or exhaustion of the data allowance. 

Lebara may amend or withdraw Data bundles at its sole discretion. For Full Terms and Conditions, Click here

*Price does not include 15% VAT.