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Virgin Mobile Packages Saudi Arabia 2024(Updated June)

TechVirgin Mobile Packages Saudi Arabia 2024(Updated June)

Virgin Mobile KSA offers a flexible, convenient, and customer-centric mobile service that gives you control over your mobile plan.

It offers flexibility with no contract or commitment. You can enjoy exciting offers and promotions, check in on your spending any time, and grab more data or minutes as you go. 

Virgin Mobile includes great packages and deals, such as their famous ‘create your own plan’ bundle.

How to Create Your Plan With Virgin Mobile

You can create your plan with Virgin Mobile KSA by visiting their website.

  1. Click on the “Create Your Plan” button to use the feature to choose a plan that suits you. You can also select any suggested internet or mobile packages on their website. 
  2. To add on, you can change and pause your plan however and whenever you want for the best price possible. 
MinutesDataPrice(Excluding VAT)
1001GBSAR 30

What plans are offered by Virgin Mobile?

Virgin Mobile KSA offers a variety of plans for its customers. You can create your schedule and change it whenever you want for the best price possible. 

They also offer high-quality and low-cost postpaid, prepaid 4G internet plans.

Additionally, plans for Social data include data you can utilize while using social media applications. These applications include Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

Different plans offered by Virgin Mobile KSA are:

  1. Prepaid Bundles
  2. 5G Mobile Broadband
  3. International Calls
  4. International Roaming
  5. Family Link Device
  6. FRiENDi Package Offers

Prepaid Bundles

PackageDataMinutesSocial DataPrice SARValidity
Virgin 7015GB50014GB7030 Days
Virgin 10035GB750Unlimited10030 Days
Virgin 15055GB3000Unlimited15030 Days
Baqah 9030GB300Unlimited9028 Days
Baqah 11045GB745 Unlimited11028 Days
Baqah 18580 GBUnlimitedUnlimited18528 Days
Baqah 365UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited36528 Days

5G Mobile Broadband Plans

5 GB Mobile Broadband PlansUnlimited Data600 GB300 GB100 GBValidity
Package 1325 SR150 SR1 month
Package 2975 SR450 SR220 SR3 months
Package 31950 SR920 SR475 SR6 months
Package 43950 SR950 SRYearly

International Calls Plan

Virgin Mobile offers prepaid and postpaid packages at low rates for international calling. You can also find out the cost of these plans through their website. Simply select the country for which you need an International Call Plan, which will show the price for SMS and Calls in that country. However, note that VAT will also be added when purchasing that plan through the website or Virgin Mobile App.

Costs(without VAT) for the International Calls Plan for some countries are given in the table below.

Country and CodeSMSCalls
United Kingdom(+44)SAR 0.5SAR 1.8
Turkey(+90)SAR 0.5SAR 0.85
The United Arab Emirates(+971)SAR 0.5SAR 1.1
Pakistan(+92)SAR 0.5SAR 0.65
Canada(+1)SAR 0.5SAR 1.8
India(+91)SAR 0.5SAR 0.55
Philippines(+63)SAR 0.5SAR 0.65
Bangladesh(+880)SAR 0.5SAR 0.55

International Roaming Plans

The International Roaming Packages of Virgin Mobile offer roaming data, calls, and SMS plans. You can find all the information about these packages for all countries through their website. Below is a table showing the costs of International Roaming packages for a few countries.

CountryInternet Package AvailabilityCost of calling to other countriesCost of calls receivedCost of Calls to Saudi ArabiaCost of local calls
United Kingdom(+44)AvailableSAR 8SAR 1.3SAR 6SAR 3
Turkey(+90)AvailableSAR 15SAR 1.5SAR 4.5SAR 2
The United Arab Emirates(+971)AvailableSAR 10SAR 0.83SAR 2.25SAR 0.9
Pakistan(+92)Not AvailableSAR 10SAR 2