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Zain Fiber KSA: Plans and Pricing 2023

TechZain Fiber KSA: Plans and Pricing 2023

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This article, “Zain Fiber KSA: Plans and Pricing,” aims to provide our readers with clear and accessible information. We want to ensure you can make informed decisions when choosing the right high-speed internet service in Saudi Arabia. Zain 5G internet packages in Saudi Arabia are popular; they also provide fiber packages.

Get the fastest internet in KSA with Zain Fiber. Discover the best Plan for your internet needs in this article. Please bookmark this page for your easy future reference, as we update it regularly.

Zain Fiber Plans

  1. Fiber Home Basic
  2. Fiber Home Plus
  3. Fiber Prepaid
PackagePrice (15% VAT included)Download SpeedUpload SpeedNumber of Free SubscriptionsCommitment Duration
Fiber Home Basic289 SAR/month300 Mbps100 Mbps118 months
Fiber Home Plus399 SAR/month500 Mbps200 Mbps218 months
Fiber Prepaid2999 SAR/12 months300 Mbps100 Mbps1
Zain Fiber Plans

Moreover, if you go for Fiber Home Basic, you can get a free subscription for any one of the four applications mentioned below:

  • Shahid VIP
  • OSN+
  • StarzPlay
  • GeForce NOW

However, if you select Fiber Home Plus, you can enjoy two free subscriptions for the following applications: 

  • Shahid Sports
  • OSN+
  • StarzPlay
  • GeForce NOW

Fiber Home Plus also includes a free WiFi extender in the package. Furthermore, with the Fiber Prepaid offer, you get a free subscription to Shahid Sports along with a free router and installation. 

How to Get the Zain Fiber Service?

  1. Request the service

To do so, fill out the service request form online. You can also call Customer Care at +966590000959 to request service.

  1. Sign the Contract Appointment

Once you have requested the service, the Zain team will contact you shortly to schedule an appointment. You can select the best Fiber package in this appointment and sign its contract. 

Furthermore, after you have signed your contract, the Installation team will contact you to confirm your order. The Installation team will also inform you about the estimated arrival time at your location. Remember to sign the E-Contract before installation.

  1. After Installation

Lastly, sign the User Acceptance form once the installation process is complete.

However, Fiber service is only offered in some places in Saudi Arabia. Before signing up for this service, please ensure this technology is available in your area. To confirm if it covers your area, visit the online service request page. 

How to Pay Zain Bill?

Customers can pay their bills in the following ways:

  • Through the Zain KSA website(Quick Pay)
  • Through SADAD service
  • At Zain service centers by providing their subscription number