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Jawwy Offers and Data Plans Saudi Arabia 2024 (Updated June)

TechJawwy Offers and Data Plans Saudi Arabia 2024 (Updated June)

Jawwy is a mobile service provider from STC that offers a range of mobile plans with data and minutes designed to suit your various needs. They have a new digital experience you can try through their app and website.

Jawwy offers flexible plans where you can build your plan, pay only for what you use, share your plan across devices, buy or gift add-ons with just a click, and get free home delivery. 

STC Jawwy is also currently offering Jawwy SIM 70, which gives you a bundle of data and minutes when you buy a new sim:

  • 5GB Data
  • 5GB Social Media, 
  • 500 National Minutes

On top of this, it also allows you to build a plan that suits your personal usage.

STC Jawwy Build Your Plan

You can build your plan with Jawwy by choosing your desired data and minutes. It gives you a slider where you can choose the number of minutes and data, showing you the prices of each.

Price of Build Your Plan

Data Price(SAR)

For Call Minutes, you can add,

National CallCost(SAR)
200 minutes10
400 minutes20
600 minutes30
800 minutes40
1000 minutes50
1500 minutes75

Packages can be upgraded and downgraded anytime with their Flexible Plan and get back credit for unused data and minutes.

You can also download their app to control the data and minutes you buy and use.

The prices for building your plan with Jawwy depend on the amount of data and minutes you choose.

You can now recharge here by entering your Jawwy Mobile number and SAWA voucher code.
If you’d like to recharge using a Credit Card or Sadad, you have to login and visit this page.

Jawwy Ahlan SIM Offer

Jawwy has an Ahlan offer where if you buy a Jawwy SIM, you get 1GB of Data & 2GB of YouTube for free every month for the first three months.

A base plan of SAR 20 monthly is required to avail of the facility. 

Ahlan YouTube Data Offer

Youtube Data5G DATACost
3 GB1 GB40 SAR
7.5 GB2.5 GB60 SAR
20 GB5 GB80 SAR
50 GB10 GB120 SAR
Ahlan YouTube offer

Jawwy Ahlan’s offer requires you to buy a Jawwy device with Jawwy SIM and get a year of free data. Buy the latest smartphone+SIM bundle online at great prices and enjoy 1GB of data for free every month for 12 months.

Jawwy Roaming Offers

Jawwy offers worry-free data roaming through their Roaming Passes.

You can buy a pass, switch on data roaming, and you’re ready to go without needing to call customer care. 

Track your roaming usage and get live updates on how much data you have left through the app. 

1GB(Valid for 7 days)100 SAR
10GB(Valid for 7 days)190 SAR
30GB(Valid for 7 days)350 SAR
Jawwy Available Roaming Passes

How do I share my Jawwy plan across devices?

You can share your Jawwy plan across devices by adding a second device to your account. You must download the Jawwy app on the second device and log in using your Jawwy phone number.

Once logged in, go to the “My Account” section and select “Add a Second Device.” Follow the instructions to set up the second device and start sharing your plan across both devices. 

Jawwy Customer Care

Jawwy does not have an official customer care number in Saudi Arabia. However, since Jawwy is a service from STC, you can call STC’s customer care number, 959, for more information about Jawwy or any queries you may have. 

Jawwy offers customer support through its online chat service, Twitter account, and Facebook Messenger app.