Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube 2023

Many viral videos have amassed millions of views on Youtube, but there are a handful few that have reached the top charts of youtube.

Many call YouTube and Google for videos. And we’re not surprised to see why. The video streaming platform, ever since its release in 2005, has only gone from strength to strength. From finding funny cat videos, listening to music, or finding a nursery rhyme for your toddler to remain engaged, YouTube has it all!

YouTube has globally taken the internet by storm and changed how we think and surf the internet. It is a platform that provides easy access to videos from all over the globe. 

It’s so hard to imagine a world without YouTube. Although, it has been a part of our lives merely since 2005. It sure feels like forever.

A video on this social media platform that gets maximum love becomes the star and is predicted to top all the global charts.

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Safe to say, the quota these days serves as, to win hearts, you have to win unlimited YouTube views. 

So, we bring you a list of the top 10 videos of all time that were successful in doing so, in achieving maximum views.

No.Video TitleChannel NameViews (billions)Publication Date
1Baby Shark DancePinkfong13.2Jun 18, 2016
2DespacitoDaddy Yankee8.2Jan 13, 2017
3Johnny Johnny Yes PapaLooloo Kids6.76Oct 8, 2016
4Bath SongCocomelon-Nursery Rhymes6.33May 2, 2018
5Shape of YouEd Sheeran6.05Jan 30, 2017
6See You AgainWiz Khalifa6.00Apr 7, 2015
7Wheels on the BusCocomelon-Nursery Rhymes5.46May 24, 2018
8Phonic sounds with two wordsChuChu TV-Children’s songs5.42March 6, 2014
9Uptown FunkMark Ronson4.99Nov 19, 2014
10Learning Colors- Colorful Eggs on a FarmMiroshka TV- Children’s songs4.94Feb 27, 2018

1. “Baby Shark Dance” by Pinkfong (13.2 Billion)

The first-ever video to break the 10 billion views record on YouTube. In 2020, it surpassed all the videos with a billion views, standing on a viewer record of its own.

It’s a song that should’ve been suited to a specific age group but ended up being hummed by everyone. 

You don’t get satisfaction until you sing the Do do, do-do part.

YouTube video

The version of this song was initially brought to us by Pinkfong. Ever since its release, this song has been played worldwide.

Try finding someone who doesn’t reply to your Baby… Shark with Do do, do-do-do-do, and you’ll know the hype. 

The video currently stands on top with 13.2 Billion views.

2. “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee (8.2 Billion)

Known to be one of the biggest pop songs of all time, Despacito stayed the crown king of most viewed video songs for over three years on YouTube, from 2017 until Baby Shark claimed the throne in 2020.

The inescapable beat of this song and the Spanish-language original version gave the song a global boost.

YouTube video

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee do complete justice to the music’s reggaeton, rap, and Latin pop. 

With 7.8 billion views, it remains a classic.

You hear the cuatro play and immediately go singing Des-PA-Cito. Stay there; keep trying to sing and hum along to the Spanish part until you get the hang of it! 

This amazing duo of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee raised around 8.2 Billion views.

3. “Johny Johny Yes Papa” by Looloo Kids (6.76 Billion)

According to the kids’ liking, Johny Johny Yes Papa, an old nursery rhyme, turned into animation. This video gained appraisal by becoming the talk of Twitter through memes, which is unusual for us.

YouTube video

We still don’t know why it has over 6.3 billion video views on YouTube. We are guessing that people, especially kids, approve of its surreal nature, which makes it distinct. 

The baby nursery rhyme gathered over 6.7 Billion views.

4. “Bath Song” by Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes (6.33 Billion)

The kids’ entertainment industry is covering the world of YouTube very rapidly. The newer generations spend most of their time on gadgets, whether while lunching or watching TV before nap time.

Parents play their favorite videos on television and set them free. 

YouTube video

Bath Song by Cocomelon is another melody famous for its popularity and worldwide recognition. 

Cocomelons brings us nursery rhymes and original songs in 3D animation. Bath Song video is the most viewed one, with 5.4 billion viewers on YouTube. 

5. “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran (6.05 Billion)

Oh-I-oh-I-oh-I-oh-I, yeah, sing along the lyrics; we all know them. The Shape of You opens up with a unique instrumental track, which is the signature and hallmark of this song.

It has its vibe and kicks in the mood to sing as it plays.  

YouTube video

This Ed Sheeran song got so much love with its release and, over time, brought it more than 5 billion video views on YouTube and topped all the charts of other music apps.

To date, the melody cannot be mixed with any other and speaks for the song’s originality.

Since 2017, its success and awards for the solo performance have justified every bit of the song! 

The song stands at 5th in the list with over 6 Billion views.

6. “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa (5.98 Billion)

A song that leaves you overwhelmed, not just with the heartwarming verses by Wiz Khalifa, but also for the emotional cause. ‘See You Again’ from Fast and Furious 7 was originally a tribute to its late actor.

Before the filming was complete, Paul Walker died in a car accident. Charlie Puth came along with Wiz Khalifa to deliver this heartfelt masterpiece. 

YouTube video

With 5.4 billion video views on YouTube, this farewell song in honor of Paul was a great way of delivering the message of brotherhood, friendships, and all the lasting preserved memories.

7. “Wheels on the bus” (Cocomelon -Nursery Rhymes, Views: 5.46 billion)

Parents also love the YouTube channel Cocomelon for another educational rhyme- Wheels On The Bus. This rhyme keeps the children occupied with its melody and might also help them in their movement and coordination skills.

YouTube video

The rhyme- Wheels On The Bus has received global recognition ever since it came out in 1930. Its version by Cocomelon gained more popularity because of its 3D animations and colorful video, which can keep children occupied for hours. It has become a classic children’s song and is loved by children to this day. 

8. “Phonics sound with two words” (ChuChu TV, Views: 5.42 billion)

One of the major concerns of many parents while allowing their children to consume content from social media is whether that content teaches their children something worthwhile. 

YouTube video

This video from ChuChu TV is a perfect example of what parents look for in a children’s video. The rhyme- Phonics sound with two words ticks the boxes of an engaging, educational nursery rhyme, helping children learn the sound of the English alphabet in a fun way.

9. “Uptown Funk” (Mark Ronson, Views: 5.0 billion)

The single by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk, continues to gain more popularity, getting almost 5 billion views. It contains every element of a modern funk song, which, along with its catchy tune, makes it a go-to piece for every music lover.

Uptown Funk is inspired by the early 1980s Minneapolis electro-funk soul music and has won several awards, including two Grammy Awards for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and another for Record of The Year.

10. “Learning Colors- Colorful Eggs on a Farm” (Miroshka TV – children’s songs, Views: 4.94)

Miroshka TV’s Learning Colors- Colorful Eggs on a Farm is another educational video that has continued climbing up the ranks since it was uploaded on YouTube in February 2018. 

As the title suggests, this five-minute video is narrated in Russian and teaches children about different colors through eggs on a farm. It is set to the infamous rhyme, Old MacDonald Had a Farm. It also has the option of turning on English subtitles. If your kids are going to be staring at screens while you get some time to yourselves, this video has all the fun, engaging elements to keep your little ones occupied.

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