Top 10 The Most Viewed Videos on YouTube 2023

Top 10 The Most Viewed Videos on YouTube 2022-saudiscoop
Following are the list of the top 10 YouTube videos and reviews of all times that were successful in doing so, in achieving maximum views.

If not Google, then who? Is there a site after google that comes to your mind when searching for a new release? Do you need to buy a new gadget but have to watch reviews video and vlog vlogs?

Do you visit that site and over a hundred related videos pop up? You get all of this under one site, not just about cooking videos.

Why is There No other app like YouTube?

A site with traffic of over a billion subscribers and users. The most traffic on an hourly basis every day. The one and only YouTube!

YouTube has globally taken over the internet by storm and changed how we think and surf the internet. It is a platform that provides easy access to videos from all over the globe. 

It’s so hard to imagine a world without YouTube. Although, it has been a part of our lives merely since 2005. Sure feels like forever.

A video on this social media platform that gets maximum love becomes the star and is predicted to top all the global charts.

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Safe to say, the quota these days serves as, in order to win hearts, you have got to win unlimited views on YouTube. 

So we bring you a list of the top 10 videos of all times that were successful in doing so, in achieving maximum views.

“Baby Shark Dance” by Pinkfong 

The first-ever video to break the 10 billion views record on YouTube. In 2020, it surpassed all the videos with a billion views standing on a viewer record of its own.

A song that should’ve been suited to a specific age group but ended up being hummed by everyone. 

You don’t get satisfaction until you sing the Do do, do-do part.

The version of this song was initially brought to us by Pinkfong. Ever since its release, this song has been played worldwide.

Try finding someone who doesn’t reply to your Baby… Shark with Do do, do-do-do-do, and you’ll know the hype. 

“Despacito” by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

Known to be one of the biggest pop songs of all time, Despacito stayed the crown king of most viewed video songs for over three years on YouTube, from 2017 until Baby shark claimed the throne in 2020.

The inescapable beat of this song and the Spanish-language original version gave the song a global boost.

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee do complete justice to the music’s reggaeton, rap, and Latin pop. 

With 7.8 billion views, it still remains a classic.

You hear the cuatro play and immediately go singing Des-PA-Cito. Stay there; keep trying to sing and hum along to the Spanish part until you get the hang of it! 

“Johny Johny Yes Papa” by Looloo Kids 

According to the kids’ liking, Johny Johny Yes Papa, an old nursery rhyme turned into animation. This video gained appraisal by becoming the talk of Twitter through memes which is unusual for us.

It has over 6.3 billion video views on YouTube, and we still don’t know why. People, especially kids, approve of its surreal nature, and that’s why it makes it distinct, we are guessing. 

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“Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran 

Oh-I-oh-I-oh-I-oh-I, yeah, sing along the lyrics; we all know them. The Shape of You opens up with a unique instrumental track being the signature and hallmark of this song.

It has its vibe and kicks in the mood to sing it as it plays.  

This Ed Sheeran song got so much love with its release and, over time, brought it more than 5 billion video views on YouTube and topped all the charts of other music apps.

To date, the melody cannot be mixed with any other and speaks for the song’s originality.

Since 2017, its success and awards for the solo performance have justified every bit of the song! 

“See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa

A song that leaves you overwhelmed, not just with the heartwarming verses by Wiz Khalifa, but also for the emotional cause. ‘See you Again’ from the fast and furious 7 was originally a tribute to its late actor.

Before the filming was complete, Paul Walker died in a car accident. Charlie Puth came along with Wiz Khalifa to deliver this heartfelt masterpiece. 

With 5.4 billion video views on YouTube, this farewell song in honor of Paul was a great way of delivering the message of brotherhood, friendships, and all the lasting preserved memories.

“Bath Song” by Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes

The kids’ entertainment industry is covering the world of YouTube very rapidly. The newer generations spend most of their time on gadgets, whether while lunching or watching tv before nap time.

Parents play their favorite videos on television and set them free. 

Bath Song by Cocomelon is another melody famous for its popularity and worldwide recognition. 

Cocomelons brings us nursery rhymes and original songs in 3D animation. Bath Song video is the most viewed one, with 5.4 billion viewers on YouTube. 

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“Learning Colors” – Colorful Eggs on a Farm by Miroshka TV 

Originally released as an educational video to make kids learn colors through different eggs, this video also attracts and serves as entertainment.

It comes from a Russian background with their language, but the song Old MacDonald Had a farm plays in English.

Children are taking over this list because of the screen time they spend watching these videos, laughing, and enjoying the shuffle. 

This video is known to have over 4.57 billion views on YouTube, and we are not surprised why.

“Recipe for Disaster”- Masha and the Bear by Get Movies 

The episode of Masha and the Bear that was registered in the Guinness World Records in 2018 was Recipe for Disaster.

This most in-demand kids’ animated video has 4.4 billion views to date. Two more episodes of this series exceeded 1 billion views too.

Based on a fatherly bear who looked after a girl named Masha. With action, entertainment, and daily life stuff, this Russian series of 68 episodes keep kids entertained and hooked to the screen.

Hence, this unusual series is among the most-watched and followed in the kids’ entertainment industry. 

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“Gangnam Style” by PSY 

One of the oldest videos in this category, Gangnam Style by K-pop singer PSY, stands tall, dancing on his tiptoes and winning hearts. 

The unique dance moves, comical timing of the video, and catchy wacky wild beat drop all speak for its massive popularity in such a short span.

In 2012, this single smashed records of being the first to reach 1 billion video views on YouTube. It now has more than 4 billion views and still has the same impact on viewers as it plays for its signature step and beat drop. 

“Sorry” by Justin Bieber 

Ironically Justin Bieber gained success through YouTube, and now his songs are making sure to follow his footsteps and save his spot.

His song “Baby” got all the love for years after its release, a major hit. But then, in 2015, “Sorry” surpassed it with more than 3 billion video views on YouTube. 

The strong, distinctive beat of the song, the lyrics asking for forgiveness and redemption, and the funkiness of the video all blend and deliver a masterpiece.  

Is it too late to say sorry now? Sorry… We are hooked. Are you?

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