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How to Get a Social Media Influencers Permit in Saudi Arabia?

Laws & RegulationsHow to Get a Social Media Influencers Permit in Saudi Arabia?

Social Media Influencers living in Saudi Arabia must apply for a Permit to earn profits through Social Media. Check it out below.

Saudi and Non-Saudi Social Media Influencers require a Government issued License to operate their social media channels.

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The permit allows earning profits from advertisements from various Social Media Channels such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. 

Law Regarding The License

Having a Permit Licence to work as a Social Media Influencer in Saudi Arabia is extremely important. The Article 23 of Royal Decree No. M/51 “a non-Saudi can not practice work nor is allowed to engage in this activity without obtaining a license.”

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How Do You Get Your Social Media Permit?

Fill in the form available at the following link. Applying for the Social Media Influencer license as a Saudi National is comparatively more straightforward than it is for a Non-Saudi. 

Any Saudi Citizen can apply for the license through the General Commission for Audiovisual Media (link given above) and pay a three-year fee of SR 15,000.

The process is longer for the Non-Saudis applying for the Social Media Influencers Permit

  • Starting with this, one has to apply for the SAGIA License.
  •  The Iqama status of Non-Saudi planning to work as a Social Media Influencer will change to an Investor where one can only work for themselves. 
  • Like Saudi Nationals, fill out the form here and pay SR 15,000 fee for three years. 

Non-Saudis working as an influencer without the permit will be fined SR 5 million, Jailed for five years, or Deportation, as it is considered a crime according to Royal Decree, dated 1/1/1442 No. (M/4).

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What are the benefits of a Saudi Social Media Influencers Permit

  • It allows you to work legally in the country and avoid paying a fine of 5 million or a 5-year prison sentence.
  • It also allows you to work with as many paid advertisements as possible. 
  • As Non- Saudi, you pay only 20% tax on profit.

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