Lojain Omran: Saudi Arabia’s Most Coveted Influencer

What is also interesting to note is how much sway Lojain Omran holds over the younger generation in particular as an influencer.

Few have a career as illustrative as Lojain. Be it a TV personality, social media influencer, an advocate for humanitarian issues, Lojain has done it all.

She is the prime example of being able to achieve anything by doing what you love. Lojain is also an inspiration to many new-age millennials and gen-z due to her highly glamorous lifestyle and ambition to work.

It combines everything they want to be: successful, able to do what they love, and have a comfortable life. 

As one of the most down-to-earth and kind people, Lojain has made waves in the Saudi influencer community.

She has promoted all kinds of brands, appeared on tons of TV shows, and has hosted multiple of her own. 

Early Life Of Lojain Omran

Lojain Omran was born in 1977 in Jubail, in the Eastern Province. Much of her educational background and earlier life remain mostly unknown.

She first had a career in banking before moving on to TV but quickly grew bored of the repetitive and mundane desk job. She moved to Bahrain in 2001, at the age of 24.

At first, she continued her banking career in the department of Visa Debit Collection. She served as an Operations Manager till 2004, till she switched to TV and became a broadcaster on Bahrain TV.  

Lojain Omran isn’t the only one to be part of this life either. Her sister, Aseel Omran, 12 years younger than her, rose to fame after her much-watched reality show ‘Gulf Wars.’

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Since then, she has been an active actress and singer with many hits. Both Aseel and Lojain get along very well, and Aseel often Appears on Lojain’s social media. 

Follow Aseel Omran on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and YouTube.

Work Life Of Lojain Omran

Since 2004, Lojain has starred in many shows. Her first one on Bahrain TV was “The Situation With Lojain,” which started her off and established her as a person.

Down the line, she worked on “Ya Hala” on Rotana Khaleeja, “Around The Gulf,” and “The World Of Eve.”

The turning point in her career was starring on Good Morning Arabs!” on MBC 1. This is when she reached fame and started gaining a lot more popularity and traction than before.

As one of the most well-known and beloved Saudi social media influencers, Lojain Omran started with humble beginnings on social media giants.

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She has about 5.4 million followers on Instagram, a similar following on Snapchat and even TikTok.

She blogs about her daily life, promote both small and big businesses and is one of the top 5 fashion and beauty icons in the Middle East. 

However, there is still more. Lojain works in many charity events and works closely with the UNHCR. She is a goodwill ambassador and the face of the Mohammad bin Rashid Award For Tolerance. 


It’s genuinely marvelous how one person can use their influence for good. Lojain has been the recipient of many an award.

She is one of the most famed people in the middle east with a net worth close to 5 million and one of her most defining features is her work as an ambassador.

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She regularly posts social media updates on global happenings and tries her best to spread awareness which is a lot more than celebrities usually do.

Lojain’s Social Media Influence

What is also interesting to note is how much sway she holds over the younger generation in particular.

Despite being in her forties, the age generally considered to be out of touch with the younger people, her following is primarily composed of millennials and kids even more youthful. 

Something that truly stands out and must be given proper credit to is how brilliant she is. It is no joke to garner such a large following on social media.

She did it by appealing to the masses, both young and old, combining modern-day fashion with the modesty expected of her.

Working both for charity, managing her TV career, and life as an Saudi influencer. Winning awards for both fashion and goodwill just shows her mastery over the craft. 

It’s easy to say that her fame was just a stroke of luck or given to her, but it is evident that she is wholly self-made for anyone looking closely.

From banking to working in TV for years before her big break, it is clear that all of this was created from scratch. It is no wonder why she is admired and regarded as the “darling of the nation.”

Lojain Omran is genuinely one of the most inspiring and influential people to look up to. More so than that, she is a lesson in following your dreams, hard work, and perseverance.

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We learn from her that while it is possible to make your dreams come true, you need to take charge of your life, make decisions that you think are good, and be patient and put in consistent effort.

Eventually, it does pay off, but for that, you need to sow the seeds first. 

You can find Lojain Omran on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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