Top 10 Instagram Influencers in Saudi Arabia(2023)

top 10 instagram influencers saudi scoop
Top 10 the most popular Innstagram Influencers in Saudi Arabia.

Alright, guys, here is the list of the top 10 Instagram influencers in Saudi Arabia.

Some of the most popular influencers in 2023 to rule on Instagram KSA.

From the top 10 list, only two accounts belong to organizations i.e @cardial_sa and @alhilal.f.c. The rest of them are individual people.

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In today’s technological era, people have easy access to reach a big audience with their content.

List of Top 10 Instagram Influencers in Saudi Arabia Updated Jan 2023

1عُمر آل عوضه | Omar Al Odah@bin_odahx
عُمر آل عوضه | Omar Al OdahAr Riyad, Saudi Arabia
5.4M followers1.6 % engagement85K likes per post
2 مشاهير FUN @mashaheerfun
😈 مشاهير FUN 😈Saudi Arabia
3.9M followers0.4 % engagement13K likes per post
3Lana Rose@lanarose786
Lana Rose Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia
3.5M followers4.8 % engagement170K likes per post
4Renad | ريناد@h6.yr
Renad | ريناد Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia
3.4M followers3.3 % engagement100K likes per post
5Banen Stars | بنين ستارز 🏹@baneenstars
Banen Stars | بنين ستارز 🏹Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia
3.3M followers3.4 % engagement100K likes per post
6نادي الهلال السعودي - Al Hilal Club@alhilal.f.c
نادي الهلال السعودي Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia
3.1M followers0.6 % engagement17K likes per post
7Dyler | دايلر@dyl3r
Dyler | دايلر Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia
2.9M followers3.9 % engagement100K likes per post
8Andre Carrillo @18andrecarrillo
Andre Carrillo 🇵🇪Makkah, Saudi Arabia
2.4M followers3.0 % engagement70K likes per post
9كارديال | Cardial@cardial_sa
كارديال | Cardial Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia
2M followers0.0 % engagement540K likes per post
10Omar Al Somah ⚽️ عمر السومة@somah
Omar Al Somah ⚽️ عمر السومةMakkah, Saudi Arabia
1.9M followers3.5 % engagement65K likes per post
List of Top 10 Instagram Influencers in Saudi Arabia Updated Jan 2022

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