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Hiring a Maid Service in Saudi Arabia: Simplify Your Life Today

LifestyleHiring a Maid Service in Saudi Arabia: Simplify Your Life Today

From Jeddah to Riyadh and Dammam, the need for good maid services only keeps increasing – what can be done to meet the demands?

No matter what part of the world you live in, professional housing help is always needed, especially in a nation like Saudi Arabia, a metropolitan area with different cultures that houses thousands of expatriates. Professional maid services have become more of a need than a luxury than they once were. 

In this article, we define some basic information about getting maid services in different cities of Saudi Arabia. All from the comfort of your home.

What cities are hotspots for professional maid services?

Even though professional house help is a necessity everywhere, major cities are, of course, a much larger ecosystem. Cities like Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, and Al Khobar have a requirement that forms a huge chunk of the maid service industry. 

Maid services are slightly more challenging to get independently, and you may need to employ an agency to help you find one. And that is the more old-school way. In today’s advanced era, the internet provides you with applications and websites that can arrange your maids on your doorstep at any given time. 

How do the maids charge for their services?

The maid services in Saudi Arabia can be hired on an hourly basis. The best part about these services is that they have no fixed costs or deposits; you need only pay for the hours employed. You don’t have to fret about the visa, tickets, or anything – the employing agency ensures all the paperwork is legit.

How do the housemaids reach your house?

These house help services provide maids with a good pick-and-drop service to and from your house. Therefore, you do not need to worry about their safety or finding someone to get them to you. The service takes complete responsibility for their maids and will ensure they reach your house on the pre-decided time. 

What hourly rates do the maids operate at?

The charges that maids operate at vary greatly depending upon the task required and the maid’s nationality, which you can request. For instance, ex-pats from Pakistan prefer having a maid from the same country to facilitate easier communication. This is true for any other nationality, too. 

The minimum hourly rate is SR 26 for these maid services. The booking for a maid has to be done for at least 4 hours per day. This can also be increased to meet your needs. However, these are the rates of larger cities like Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam. Smaller towns may have lower rates.

The payment procedure is entirely online, so you don’t have to pay the maid in cash. You pay the service, and they dispense the salaries to their maids as needed. 

What maid services are available for hire?

There are multiple maid services available for hire, especially in the major cities of Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, most of them miss the competence mark quite a lot. We have mentioned a few services here that have mixed reviews. However, it would pay to be diligent in your research before you trust someone with the reins of your house.

  1. Khidmah: Home Management Solutions

This service is more of a facilitator. It covers maid services and handymen, plumbing, and other services to make your home a better place. 

Khidmah has many credentials and active clients from big companies. 

While not many customer reviews are available on the credibility of this service – the employees seem happy. Content, at least. They say that the working hours may be lengthy and the food allowance limited, but there is some learning opportunity. However, ex-employees have commented on the lack of supervision and sometimes patchy work. Hence, we can not be too sure!

  1. SMASCO 

The bigger cities of Saudi Arabia have a service called SMASCO for hiring maid services. Whether you live in Jeddah or Riyadh, you can call this service to get an hourly maid.  

MASCO began in 2012 and obtained a license from the Saudi Ministry of Labor. They have over a thousand employees dedicated to serving people and managing home solutions. They include Raha or maid service, domestic labor, and supervising teams. They promise to provide a competent and legal staff to the users, who are well-versed in work. 

Unfortunately, even though they operate on a grand scale, SMASCO often compromises quality and customer satisfaction. Internet forums are full of people sharing their reviews on this service over different platforms. 

The general public appears to be put out by the services from SMASCO. Several people have claimed that the application malfunctions while booking a session and leads to no maid service for days. Many people have even highlighted that the maids are bad at work and good at duping customers, charging them extra for little work. There have also been instances of stealing. 

There have been a few good reviews, but they don’t seem enough. Whether you decide to hire or not is on you, but it would be better to do thorough research first. Ask your family and friends to ensure you get the quality of service you are paying for. 

  1. MATIC Home Cleaning

One other big service for maid hiring online in Saudi cities is the MATIC service. They also have a smartphone application that can be used on your phone to book an appointment within seconds. 

This service, too, has some very dissatisfied customers. It may have slightly better reviews than SMASCO, but all in all, the service is disappointing. Many people have complained about their application that lags their phones and occasionally crashes. 

Some reviews online are positive, too, but they are few. According to some, the hourly maid service is much better for MATIC than their other services.

A clean home is instrumental to a healthy lifestyle. And sometimes you may need a hand in keeping your house clean and tidy. Especially if you are one of the thousands of ex-pats in Saudi Arabia who used to be skilled house helps. And there is nothing wrong with needing assistance or asking for it. 

These services will hopefully serve your needs like you want them to. It could be a nice idea to check them out!

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