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Postal Codes/Zip Codes Of All Major Cities in Saudi Arabia 2024

TechPostal Codes/Zip Codes Of All Major Cities in Saudi Arabia 2024

A postal code (also known as a postcode, postcode, PIN, or ZIP Code) is a code assigned to specific geographic areas to help speed up mail delivery and sorting. They include a series of numbers, letters, spaces, and punctuations and are included on the postal address. However, most postal codes in Saudi Arabia are simply a series of numbers. 

After the original introduction of postal codes to Europe in 1963, their popularity grew and made their way to countries worldwide, including Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Post embraced postal codes, and all mail addressed to Saudi Arabia requires a 5-digit code specifying which city and district the correspondence is addressed to. 

We have summed up some of the postal codes of the major cities in Saudi Arabia. 

Jeddah Postal Code 

Jeddah(جدة) is generally the most popularly addressed region regarding mail. Hence, it goes first on our list.

Jeddah postal-codes-of-all-major-cities-in-saudi-arabia-2022-saudiscoop

For any correspondence addressed to someone residing in Jeddah.

Jeddah Postcode: 21577 

ZIP Codes of Major Areas in Jeddah: 

We have sorted out entries alphabetically by City and then by District within each City.

CityAreaZIP Code
Jeddah1st Industrial Area22427
JeddahAd Dahiah22529
JeddahAl Adel22361
JeddahAl Amir Fawaz Ash22362
JeddahAl Aziziya22431
JeddahAl Baghdadiya22231
JeddahAl Balad22233
JeddahAl Barakah22623
JeddahAl Farooq22349
JeddahAl Jami`ah22354
JeddahAl Jawharah22417
JeddahAl Kandarah22242
JeddaAl Khomrah22531
JeddahAl Mahjar22421
JeddahAl Masarah22625
JeddahAl Moulysaa22621
JeddahAl Muntazahat22394
JeddahAl Qouzeen District22615
JeddahAl Qwizain22613
JeddahAl Sabeel22325
JeddahAl Sanabel22434
JeddahAl Sharafeyah22234
JeddahAl Thaghr22331
JeddahAl Wadi District22514
JeddahAl-Nazlah Al-Sharqiyah22335
JeddahAl-Baghdadiyah Al-Gharbiyah22232
JeddahAl-Baghdadiyah Al-Sharqiyah22235
JeddahAn Nazlah Al Yamaniyyah22341
JeddahAr Rughamah22351
JeddahAs Sahil22516
JeddahAs Sarawat22524
JeddahAs Surooriyah22521
JeddahAt Taawon22541
JeddahJeddah Islamic Seaport22311
JeddahKing Faisal Naval Base22512

Riyadh Postal/Post Code

Riyadh(الرياض), the capital of the Kingdom, is the second most popularly addressed area. The postal code used for most international addresses to Saudi Arabia is Riyadh’s.

Riyadh postal-codes-of-all-major-cities-in-saudi-arabia-2021-saudiscoop

Riyadh Postal Code: 11564

ZIP Codes for Major Areas of Riyadh are as follows in alphabetical Order: 

CityAreasZip Code
RiyadhAd Dirah12395
RiyadhAd Diriyah12394
RiyadhAd Dhubbat12626
RiyadhAl Amal12562
RiyadhAl Futah12664
RiyadhAl Izdihar12488
RiyadhAl Khuzama12534
RiyadhAl Mahdiyah12545
RiyadhAl Malaz12546
RiyadhAl Marqab12583
RiyadhAl Mathar Ash Shamali12547
RiyadhAl Maseef12585
RiyadhAl Mughrizat12433
RiyadhAl Murabba12625
RiyadhAl Mursalat12627
RiyadhAl Muruj12552
RiyadhAl Olaya12633
RiyadhAl Olaya12554
RiyadhAl Oud12634
RiyadhAl Rahmaniyyah12485
RiyadhAl Safarat12556
RiyadhAl Salhiyah12486
RiyadhAl Wizarat12332
RiyadhAl Wurud12576
RiyadhAn Nakheel12282
RiyadhAn Nakheel12644
RiyadhAn Nuzhah12632
RiyadhAr Rahmaniyyah12485
RiyadhAs Salhiyah12486
RiyadhAs Sinaiyah<