Postal Codes/Zip Codes Of All Major Cities In Saudi Arabia 2023

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Saudi Post embraced postal codes and now all mail addressed to Saudi Arabia requires a 5-digit zip codes that specifies which city & district is.

A postal code (also known as a postcode, postcode, PIN, or ZIP Code) is a code assigned to specific geographic areas to help speed up mail delivery and sorting. They include a series of numbers, letters, spaces, and punctuations and are included on the postal address. However, most postal codes in Saudi Arabia are simply a series of numbers. 

After the original introduction of postal codes to Europe in 1963, their popularity grew and made their way to countries worldwide, including Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Post embraced postal codes, and now, all mail addressed to Saudi Arabia requires a 5-digit code that specifies which city and district the correspondence is addressed to. 

Below, we have discussed some of the postal codes of the major cities in Saudi Arabia. 

Jeddah Postal/Post Code 

Jeddah(جدة) is generally the most popularly addressed region when it comes to mail. Hence it goes first on our list.

Jeddah postal-codes-of-all-major-cities-in-saudi-arabia-2022-saudiscoop

For any correspondence addressed to someone residing in Jeddah.

The postal/ZIP code is as follows: 

Jeddah Postcode: 21577 

Riyadh Postal/Post Code

Riyadh(الرياض), the capital of the Kingdom, is the second most popularly addressed area. The postal code used for most international addresses to Saudi Arabia is Riyadh’s.

Riyadh postal-codes-of-all-major-cities-in-saudi-arabia-2021-saudiscoop

The Postal Code for Riyadh is as follows: 

Riyadh Postal Code: 11564

Madinah Postal/Post Code 

As the city of the Holy Prophet, Madinah( المدينة المنورة), visitors and mail all year-round from devotees. You can use the Madinah Postal Code for any critical documentation or packages.

It is as follows: 

Madinah Postal Code: 20012

Makkah Zip Codes

The postal code for Makkah( مكه) is widely used as it is the center of worship for Muslims worldwide. It receives tons of visitors all year round, particularly during the Hajj season.

The postal code for Makkah is as follows: 

Makkah Postal Code: 21514

Yanbu, Saudi Arabia Zip Code

Yanbu(ينبع) is a province in Al-Madinah and also a seaport. This is where most of the overseas workers are employed: in the oil industry.

If you’re looking to send a letter or package to a loved one in Yanbu, you will need the Yanbu postal code, which is as follows: 

Yanbu Postal Code: 30799

Sakaka, Saudi Arabia Zip Code

As the capital of Al-Jawf province, Sakaka(سكاكا), in particular, holds a lot of importance.

This can also be attributed to the number of developmental projects going on there, as the Medical City is attributed to the Crown Prince’s name.

Aside from that, it is also home to one of the most prominent universities in the region. The postal code for Sakaka is as follows: 

Sakaka Postal Code: 75471

Najran, Saudi Arabia Zip Code

Emara Najran postal-codes-of-all-major-cities-in-saudi-arabia-2022-saudiscoop

Najran( نجران) is a city situated on the Yemeni border and is often caught in the crossfire. Due to its border location, it is quite an essential city for The Kingdom.

The postal code for Najran is as follows: 

Najran Postal Code: 61441 

Dammam Postal/Post Code 

Dammam( الدمام) is the largest city and capital of the Kingdom’s Eastern Province; it’s no wonder that this city holds quite a bit of importance.

Dammam postal-codes-of-all-major-cities-in-saudi-arabia-2022-saudiscoop

However, its importance is also widely attributed to the fact that it is the single most significant center of administration for the oil industry in the entirety of the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

For any packages or addresses with the receiver in Dammam, the postal code is as follows: 

Dammam Postal Code: 31433

Khamis, Saudi Arabia Zip Code

At a distance of about 900 km from Riyadh’s capital city lies another huge site in the Asir province, Khamis(خميس مشيط).

Sultan-Khamis postal-codes-of-all-major-cities-in-saudi-arabia-2022-saudiscoop

Khamis is a city with one of the densest populations, holding about 13 lacs people within its borders. The postal code for Khamis is listed as: 

Khamis Postal Code: 61961

Khobar, Saudi Arabia Zip Code

With a population of almost 2 million, Khobar( الخبر) is located very near King Fahad Airport.

Al Khobar postal-codes-of-all-major-cities-in-saudi-arabia-2022-saudiscoop

It is also where most oil companies are located, making it one of the most important cities for international correspondence about oil reserves.

The postal code for Khobar is: 

Khobar Postal Code: 31952 

Taif, Saudi Arabia Zip Code

Taif postal-codes-of-all-major-cities-in-saudi-arabia-2021-saudiscoop

Taif(الطائف)is one of the most historically relevant cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the Prophet (PBUH) spent a large chunk of his time here.

This is also where a very important siege was waged. With a population of 12 lacs, it is the 5th largest city in the Kingdom. Its postal code is as follows: 

Taif Postal Code: 21431 

Jubail, Saudi Arabia Zip Code

Jubail(الجبيل) is home to one of the largest oil refineries in the Kingdom. Aside from that, this is also the city where many tourists choose to go.

Jubail postal-codes-of-all-major-cities-in-saudi-arabia-2022-saudiscoop

For any orders or letters addressed to Jubail, the postal code is as follows: 

Jubail Postal Code: 35412 

Other Major Cities

Aside from the few cities listed above, we also have a list of other major cities and their postal codes.

If the city you were looking for was not stated above, you can consult the table below to find your required city. 

CityPostal CodesCity Postal Codes
Al Bahah65525Khamis Mmushait61961
Al Qurayyar77425Qassim, Buraidah51431
Al Qurayyat77451Rabigh25725
Badr46357Ras Tanura32816
Hafr Al-Batin39923Unaizah51911
Hail55211Wadi as Surr49549


We conclude this list of postal codes for all major cities in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

While there are many more postal codes, especially for all the city districts, they are not always necessary for postal addresses. They can be substituted with simple addresses instead.

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We hope you found this article interesting and useful to your purpose. Make sure to comment or reach out to us in case of any questions! 

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