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Top International Schools in Jubail

From EditorTop International Schools in Jubail

Jubail is a rather busy city located in the Eastern Province just beside the coast of the Persian Gulf that touches a part of Saudi Arabia.

It is a bustling city, with a population of over 600,000, a large percentage of which are ex-pats from other countries. Schooling is always an essential aspect of life anywhere on the planet, and you can see it here too.

Parents always worry for their children’s future and look up to good schools that will help raise the bar.

In this article, we have shortly discussed some of the best schools in the city of Al Jubail and the services they offer. We hope to help you on your quest to find the perfect school for your child! 

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International Schools Group (ISG)

ISG is a non-profit school that stretches out over 14 years of education from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The sections divide into three parts, elementary, middle, and high school.

The latter is equivalent to a college education. ISG provides its students with quality education, complete with an American curriculum and an IB diploma affiliation. 

The school works tirelessly to develop skills in children in the elementary and middle years. For instance, they have immaculate homerooms and Writers and Readers workshops to bring the whole experience to life.

There are opportunities outside the classroom, too, with fun extracurriculars encouraging children to follow their passions. From music, drama, and theatre to physical education, there is a little bit of everything for everyone to choose.

The campus at ISG is no joke either. It is a massive facility with four buildings, over 40 classrooms, and two covered play areas.

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It also has an internal covered courtyard and two large turf fields for sports. An incredible library with technological means available, a nice cafeteria, and art rooms for aspiring young artists. 

ISG is committed to academic excellence and ensures that it provides the best to its students. If you are in the area, it may be a good idea to check out this school and its dynamic potential!

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International Indian School (IIS)

This school came into being in the winter of ’87 after years of living as a dream. IIS affiliates itself with schooling systems back in Dehli and is an opportunity for Indian people to get a quality education in KSA. 

IIS may have started as a porta-cabins kind of thing, but it has come far from there. The school now has a spectacular foundation with four huge buildings completely equipped with modern facilities.

Owing to the increasing school population, the administration continues extending the school like a separate girl block called the Silver Jubilee Block.

IIS offers primary education up to grade 10 and rounds it off with a college diploma to grade 12. The academic part of the school is well-thought-out and holds importance to the children and their parents.  

Since IIS has a strictly no-profit no-loss education model, it charges just 12000 SR per academic year for college education.

The fee for elementary and middle school students is even lesser, about 10000 SR per year. Although it seems like a lot of money, IIS does have lower rates than any other school if its standing offers in KSA.