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Muqeem Vaccine Registration in KSA: All you need to know

Jawazat & MOIMuqeem Vaccine Registration in KSA: All you need to know

All passengers traveling to Saudi Arabia, citizen or otherwise, are now required by law to complete their Muqeem vaccination registration. Ideally speaking, this should be done before arrival in the Kingdom. This allows the government to closely monitor ongoing covid cases. Hence, the officials are able to minimize covid spread as much as possible. 

There are types of passengers entering Saudi Arabia at the moment. They can fall into either one of the four categories. Bear in mind that resident here means a legit iqamah holder. Furthermore, as Saudi law goes, they are completely permitted to work in the Kingdom. Similarly, visitors may represent tourists or those coming to perform pilgrimage duties. 

  1. Vaccinated resident 
  2. Non vaccinated resident 
  3. Vaccinated visitor 
  4. Non vaccinated visitor

The procedure for vaccination registration may be a bit tricky to grasp. However, we have outlined the process here. We strive to make it as simple as possible in an orderly fashion. The methods and steps are as follows.

Registration for vaccinated residents

  1. Register vaccine status on your Tawakkalna application. This is a small step, but a crucial one at that and should done regardless. If not done, it will give an error. “This resident is not immune in Tawakkalna data, please register as non vaccinated resident.”
  2. First of all, log on to the Muqeem official website
  3. Select vaccinated resident from the list
  4. Enter your iqamah number and date of birth as given on it
  5. Select the dependents traveling with you
  6. To conclude, agree to the terms and click submit 

Registration for non vaccinated residents

  1. Log on to the Muqeem website as given above
  2. Select non-vaccinated resident from the given options
  3. Enter your Iqamah number and the date of birth given on it 
  4. If you are a resident who is not vaccinated, take a breather. Non-vaccinated residents traveling from outside the Kingdom are expected to undergo an institutional quarantine. This will be under medical supervision for at least seven days
  5. Select the name of the hotel you want. This will be your place to quarantine in.
  6. Enter the dependents traveling with you 
  7. In conclusion, agree to the terms and conditions on the webpage and submit the application

Registration for vaccinated visitors

  1. Visit the Muqeem website
  2. Select vaccinated visitor from the options
  3. Enter valid details like your name, passport number, and nationality, etc.
  4. Select the vaccine you have gotten. These can be one of the vaccines approved by the KSA Health ministry:

    – 2 doses of Pfizer,
    – 2 consecutive doses of Moderna,
    – 1 dose of Johnson and Johnson’s Janssen
    – 2 doses of AstraZeneca
  5. If you have not been vaccinated with one of these, there is nothing to worry about. There are a couple of more vaccines. Moreover, these can help you enter the country.
    – 2 doses of Sinopharm in addition to one dose of either of the approved vaccines
    – 2 doses of Sinovac, and additionally, one dose of either one of the approved vaccines
  6. To conclude, agree to the terms of the registration and click submit

Registration for non vaccinated visitors

  1. Log onto the Muqeem website
  2. Select non-vaccinated visitor from the list
  3. Enter valid information such as name, nationality, passport number, etc
  4. Are you a non-vaccinated visitor traveling from outside the Kingdom? You will have to undergo an institutional quarantine under supervision for at least seven days
  5. Pick a name of the hotel you want. You will quarantine in this place.
  6. Agree to the terms and submit the registration form

Vaccine registration confirmation 

This completes a successful registration of your vaccination details. You can always go back and counter-check the information any time you want. It is simple and needs only a few easy steps.

It only requires going on to the Muqeem webpage. After that, click on the check registration panel. From there on, you can enter your registration number, iqamah number, or passport number to check your registration. 

Vaccination protocols

The information carried in this vaccine registration form is imperative. This is because the Saudi Ministry of Health closely monitors it. These details are verified before anyone travels to the Kingdom. Even before they can board a plane. And that is not all. Every entry point within the country also confirms these details, hence it is impossible to evade this vaccine registration. 

Failure to comply with these orders of the Saudi State, subsequently, would result in dire consequences. For instance, it can lead to permanent deportation from the Kingdom. 

The Tawakkalna application carries all the necessary info. Even so, it is wise to carry a hard copy at hand. Namely, approved paper certification. In short, this is not just proof of vaccination. It is also a validation that you care for the country’s rules. At any rate, it shows that you are happy to oblige to keep everyone around you safe and sound during these dark times of the pandemic.