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The Best Selling Cars by Country in the World

AutoThe Best Selling Cars by Country in the World

Consumers in a dense country may prefer smaller cars. While countries with large areas (and parking spaces) open the way for larger trucks. Similarly, rugged terrain may require vehicles that can adapt and scale quickly.

And it is also a question of which manufacturer invested in the country. As the world’s largest automakers scrambled to attract consumers from every part of the globe. They developed factories, renamed models, and even built specific cars to suit the tastes of each country.

This Budget Direct Car Insurance infographic highlights the world’s best-selling vehicles, using year-end sales data from 2019.

Although the map may vary across the board, one thing is for sure: Toyota’s dominance.

The Japanese automaker, the world’s most valuable automaker for many years. Before being overtaken by Tesla, had the best-selling vehicle in 41 countries out of 104 counted countries.

Its Toyota Corolla was the world’s best-selling vehicle in 2019, however, the sedan only ranked first in five countries.  

Best selling cars in the world

The Toyota Hilux (also known as Toyota Pickup in North America), the best-seller in 16 countries, was the leading vehicle in most countries. It has a solid market share in the southern hemisphere, including Argentina, South Africa, and Australia.

The other constant factor was the strength of the local manufacturers. Many countries had local models as the best-selling vehicles, with large automakers, especially in Europe.

Countries with Local Best Seller Cars

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So what do car consumers prefer today? Currently, cars have a slight advantage over trucks as the best-selling vehicles in the world.

Of the 104 countries with sales accounted for in the study, the smallest cars often classified as “passenger cars” (including sedans, hatchbacks, and subcompacts) made up the majority, with 57 of the top sellers by country in top-selling.

While “light trucks” or “light commercial vehicles,” which include trucks, sport utility vehicles, and vans, were the best sellers in 47 countries.

Best-selling vehicles by type

Rear window: 12

Saloon: 25

Sedan / Wagon: 1

Subcompact: 19

SUV: 20

Truck: 24

Van: 3

But changes in-car consumer preferences are already making their mark. The Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle (EV) was already the top-selling vehicle in the Netherlands, Norway, and other countries like China to increase consumers’ incentives to buy electric cars.

That doesn’t even consider the slowdown in travel during the COVID pandemic, more workers moving away, and the strain on semiconductors on automakers. The map of the world will truly transform even further post-COVID.