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Saudi Arabia’s Top 12 Favorite SUVs (2024 Models Updated)

AutoSaudi Arabia's Top 12 Favorite SUVs (2024 Models Updated)

People have a massive following for football games and a passion for cars as their best pastime, giving them a sense of unification. So many people ask, which are Saudi Arabia’s top ten SUVs?

There are various body styles, such as sedans, coupes, cabriolets, and Sports Utility Vehicles(SUVs). SUVs are top-rated in Saudi Arabia due to their capabilities to go off-road and on regular roads. 

They have better ground clearance, with AWD(All-wheel drive) and 4WD(four-wheel drive) options. That gives the ability to perform smoothly and comfortably on rough terrains, including rocky mountains and deserts, maintaining their grandeur.

A big plus is that many SUVs offer a 7-seat capacity. This makes SUVs a clear choice for the people of Saudi Arabia, whether from Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Dammam, or smaller cities in the country.

12. Changan CS95

Changan CS95
Image Credit: Changan KSA

Changan CS95 is gaining popularity in Saudi Arabia. Changan is one of the top Chinese automotive players in the market, giving tough competition to its rivals.

CS95 comes fitted with the top-tier Blue Core 2.0L turbo GDI direct injection supercharged engine, setting a benchmark in China. This powerhouse is seamlessly paired with the globally acclaimed Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission and the cutting-edge BorgWarner NexTrac intelligent all-wheel drive system.