Exploring the Majestic Mountain Ranges Around Makkah: A Comprehensive Guide

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Makkah, city of desert valleys in Saudi Arabia, unlike other cities, it's the most renowned city globally & has seen many historical events.

Makkah, a city amidst the desert valleys of Saudi Arabia, is a city unlike any other.

Being one of the most renowned cities globally, Makkah has witnessed numerous key historical events throughout time. The biggest of which is the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the rise of Islam. 

The Holy Kaaba attracts millions of Muslims from across the globe, whether for the annual pilgrimage of Hajj or the minor pilgrimages of Umrah.

These mountains of religious and historical importance around Makkah serve as tourist sites for pilgrims and tourists. 

Most notable of these rocky grey mountains are these seven:

  • The Thawr mountain
  • Jabal Omar 
  • Jabal Al Noor
  • The Thabir mountain 
  • Jabal Khandama 
  • Abu Qubais mountain
  • Quaiqian mountain

The Thawr Mountain

The Thawr Mountain, also known as Jabal Thawr (translates to “mount of the bull”). It is located around four kilometers outside of Makkah. In some sources, this seven hundred and sixty meters tall mountain has also been referred to as Thawr Athal.

This mountain holds immense religious importance for Muslims. During the migration from Makkah to Madinah, The Prophet (PBUH) and his companion Abu Bakr hid from the Quraysh.

They took shelter in one of the caves of the mountain. It is a 3 feet wide cave on the mountain’s northwest side.

The cave sheltered the Prophet and his companion for three days. A spider spun a web on the cave’s entrance.

The enemy was unable to find out the Prophet’s whereabouts. A pair of doves made a nest and laid eggs to keep up the impression that no one had passed from here.

Furthermore, during this 3-day stay at the cave of Thawr, Abu Bakr got bitten by a snake while he was protecting the Prophet, who was asleep at the time.

The Prophet woke up because one of Abu Bakr’s tears, caused by pain, fell on his face. In response, The Prophet put his saliva on the wound, which miraculously healed. This event symbolizes devotion, faith, and hope for Muslims. 

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The Jabal Omar

The Jabal Omar mountain is located six hundred meters north of the holy mosque. Over time, this mountain became a center of suburban neighborhoods with little to no facilities. 

However, the Jabal Omar Project has now replaced the once-grey mountain. A developmental project consists of luxury hotels and apartments with a truly captivating view of the Kaaba.

Jabal Al Noor

Jabal Al Noor literally translates to “The Mountain of Light” and is situated on the outskirts of Makkah.

Its rocky elevation of almost 650 meters is prominent from a considerable distance. Besides providing an enchanting view of the Holy Mosque and all of Makkah from its summit, Jabal Al Noor attracts pilgrims for one more gigantic reason.

Ghaar e Hira, or the Cave of Hira, is located on this mountain. During the early years of his life, the Prophet used to go to the cave to meditate.

However, its most important is that it’s the birthplace of Islam.

Archangel Gabriel came to the Prophet in the Cave of Hira with the first revelations of the Quran in 610 CE.

Not only was this event a significant point on the timeline of Islam, but also one that changed the course of history.

Pilgrims around the globe trek up the rocky terrain of Jabal Al Noor for several hours to visit the Cave of Hira.

The Thabir Mountain

The Thabir Mountain stands tall at eight hundred and seventy-seven meters(877m) on the east side of Makkah. It is a part of the Hijaz mountain range, opposite Jabal Al Noor.

According to many historians, The Thabir Mountain is where Allah sent the scapegoat to Prophet Abraham in place of Prophet Ismail for sacrifice.

Muslims around the globe annually practice sacrificing goats, sheep, cows, and camels in remembrance of the event.

Jabal Khandama

The Jabal Khandama is a mountain reaching five hundred and eleven meters behind Abu Qubais Mountain. Like The Jabal Omar mountain, the Jabal Khandama is also undergoing a developmental project. 

Jabal Khandama Mountains Makkah Saudiscoop

They are known as the Jabal Khandama Development Project. It is a project of the Fakeih Group, a well-known Real Estate Developer of Saudi Arabia. 

The project aims to expand the prayer area and provide other facilities to the increasing trend of pilgrims. In addition, if you stand atop the mountain, a spectacular view of the city awaits you.

Abu Qubais Mountain

The Abu Qubais mountain, currently a foothold for a Royal Palace, is located close to Mountain Safa. Due to several important religious and historical events, this mountain is a famous tourist site.

To explain the significance of this mountain, let’s go back to the creation of the earth itself. This mountain that now serves as a pillar of Makkah is considered the first mountain ever created by Allah. 

Moreover, when Prophet Adam got the order to build a house for Allah on earth, he used rocks from Abu Qubais to construct the Holy Kaaba. Later on, it is believed that the Prophet Adam passed away on this mountain and is buried there. 

Furthermore, during the flood in Prophet Noah’s life, Hajar-e-Aswad (a stone from heaven) was kept at the Abu Qubais Mountain for protection.

Adding to its importance, the Prophet Abraham used to preach the message of Allah from this mountain.

This mountain also has immense importance for Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ascended Abu Qubais to split the moon in half for the disbelievers.

Hajjaj Bin Yousuf, an Umayyad governor, also used Abu Qubais to fire a catapult many years later.

Quaiqian Mountain

Also known as Jabal Hindi, The Quaiqian Mountain lies on the west side of the Holy Kaaba. It got its name after the clash between two tribes due to the clanking of swords.   

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