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Why Saudi National Park Program Is Nothing Like You’ve Ever Known

LifestyleWhy Saudi National Park Program Is Nothing Like You’ve Ever Known

Saudi Arabia has reaffirmed its belief in playing a pivotal role in global efforts. Unquestionably, Saudi Arabia never fails to stay committed to the green initiative and a sustainable future for all.

Here’s all you should know about the amazing tourism and environmental benefits of the Saudi National Parks Program.

The Saudi National Parks Program aims to achieve and strengthen economic and environmental sustainability.

It will focus on supporting afforestation, combat desertification, and protecting the prosperity of vegetation. Moreover, this program effectively reflects the Saudi Arabian government’s initiatives.

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The National Center for Land Cover Development and Combating Desertification plans to establish Saudi National Parks Program.

This program lays the foundations to establish 100 national parks in the period of 5 years. Not just that, it will involve the plantation of 50 million trees under the Saudi Green Initiative. It also contributes to meeting the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The Saudi Green initiative unfolds around the ambition to reduce carbon emissions, energy conversion, and support afforestation efforts.

Along with the government, the environmental associations and organizations will also participate in implementing this program.

Kingdom’s Vision 2030 revolves around three strategic objectives; A thriving economy, an ambitious nation, and a vibrant society. Collectively this leads to a strong foundation for economic prosperity.

Abdul Rahman Al-Dakhil, a spokesperson of the National Centre for Vegetation Cover Development and Combating Desertification, told Arab News that the Saudi National Parks program would be implemented in phases.

The first phase of the program will be to establish and enhance 100 national parks, followed by other goals.

Abdul Rahman Alsoqeer, chairman of the Environmental Green Horizons Society, also addressed the national parks program as the green renaissance of the Saudi Kingdom.

He further added that allocating lands and converting them into vegetation reserves aids in protecting government lands.

This conversion can have a noticeable impact on the intensity of dust storms and climate. Especially with the addition of more greenery, an enhanced visual landscape can be observed.

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In addition, The Saudi National Parks Program will be opening doors for reliable tourism and inviting local and foreign visitors.

Its purpose is to highlight and create promotional awareness of the Kingdom’s breathtaking natural beauty, which draws admiration and attention.

Furthermore, historically, culturally, and archaeologically significant sites of Saudi Arabia, one of them being “The Edge of the World”, located northwest of Riyadh, formed about 180 million years ago, all will be in the focus of this program.

In conclusion, this program holds promising positive consequences by preserving national parks in arid areas.

Not only providing a boost to sustainable tourism initiatives, bringing investment opportunities and employment options.

In addition, restoration of vegetation covers and protection of wildlife species. As well as will encourage agricultural cultivation and combat climate disruption.


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