Top 8 Beautiful Parks In Riyadh That You Must Visit

From gorgeous green trees to many activities, these parks are absolutely the best. Add these five beautiful parks in Riyadh to your bucket list, and have fun!

Riyadh is one of the best instrumental cities in Saudi Arabia, having the top most beautiful parks. It is essentially the political and administrative center of the Saudi state.

Hence, it is also one of the most densely populated cities, now a little over seven million. 

Life in Riyadh is busy, like all other metropolitan cities worldwide. There is little time, if any, to relax and have fun. Even so, this city has some of the most magnificent sites anywhere in the world.

It is primarily known for its vast and beautiful parks that are present almost everywhere. From ex-pats to natives, everyone loves a good garden.

If you’re a tourist planning to explore Riyadh’s beautiful parks, start by booking your Riyadh flights to King Khalid International Airport (KKIA). This modern hub ensures a hassle-free entry to the capital city. Once you land, you’ll find all the essential services at your disposal, making it easy to reach your park destinations.

In this article, we have taken it upon ourselves to bring you some of the best parks in Riyadh, assuring your next family hangout is going to be more interesting!

1. King Abdullah Park

This park is honestly one of a kind. Extending over a good 318,000 square meters, King Abdullah Park is the largest Park in Riyadh. It is located in the Al-Malaz, pretty close to the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium, and is undoubtedly a wonderful park to relax at.

King Abdullah Park has a taste of everything. A 12-meter wide walkway encircles the entire park, offering an excellent opportunity to walk or jog.

The highlight of the park is the lake and fountain in the very center of the park. Surrounding it is a fascinating square with benches to sit on and gorgeous green grass.

Suppose you are traveling with children and need something more than fountains to entertain – fear not. The King Abdullah Park has play areas dedicated solely to kid activities and multiple fun rides.

There is also a large cafe with yummy things to replenish your energy levels whenever needed. 

Although the entrance to this park is charged, it is just SR 10 for adults and SR 5 for children. Once you are in, you can sit down anywhere you want, have a picnic, and relish.

VIP buildings and special arrangements are available for hosting personal events for people with such interests.

However, an open barbeque is not permissible on the park premises, and carrying pre-prepared food with you is better. King Abdullah Park is a massive place with a lot to explore and would be a fun addition to your recreation list this fall.

2. Salam Park

Salam Park is located in the thickly populated central district of Riyadh. It is a rather fancy urban destination and brings a business of around 800,000 people each year.

The park extends over 25 hectares, depicting natural beauty with great green patches and developed gorgeous fountains. 

Omrania, an internationally recognized landscape designer, developed the Salam Park. They have done a fantastic job weaving meaningful historical monuments into a modern park.

Highlighting the cultural and environmental values of Saudi Arabia, this park holds the love of the local public.  

Salam Park has a small entrance tax for everyone, but it is well-earned. The park zone has a wide variety of landscapes to explore.

From an old palm farm to a gorgeous lake that dominates most of the park, with grassy highlands and a vast nature reserve that is all the more fun with the help of well-informed guides. 

The park also holds two large mosques and six public bathrooms separate for men and women. There is a large walkway and jogging track for fitness enthusiasts and an accommodating parking area.

The staff in the park are accommodating and available anywhere you may need them. 

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Salam Park has a variety of services that it doles out to its visitors. There are multiple kiosks and stalls for snacks and refreshments like ice cream and popcorn.

The park also has a train to carry people wanting a park tour. There are also many playgrounds for children, tracks for horses and ponies, and many rides and electronic games. 

3. Olaya Park

Olaya truly sticks to the literal meaning of a park. This park is gorgeously green, with flowers and thick beautiful trees. It is a garden with deep green trees, airy open spaces, and colorful flowers. It was initially a farm, later converted into a park, and you can see the magic of nature’s hand.

top most beautiful parks in Riyadh Olaya-Park-Riyadh

Olaya Park has free entry and is open 24/7, which makes it quite convenient to visit. The park’s center has a large and stunning water fountain with colored lights that turn on in the evening, offering a spectacular view.

There are extensive grassy grounds that children use to play football and basketball. A track around the park means people can also cycle or rollerblade on it, and there are also walking trails for casual walkers and joggers.

There is an area for playground activities like swings and slides, so children always jump around happily.

Olaya Park has a mosque just beyond the park boundary, so you don’t have to worry about delaying any prayer. Security guards are around to ensure your safety, but many other services are not available on the grounds.

However, it is an exceptional place to relax with your family after a busy week and helps you feel calm and close to nature. 

4. Camel’s Eye Park

This park has a rather peculiar rock formation resembles a camel’s eye. Literally, and it is a characteristic that makes it so popular. It is a place of historical importance.

This is because it is so high up that King Abdul Aziz often used it as a vantage point to sweep a glance over the entire city.  

top most beautiful parks in Riyadh camels-eye-park

In the local language, this park is Jabal Abu Makhrouq Park, which is pretty appealing to the eye. The park is not very large in land area but has green spaces and places to relax. 

The Camel’s Eye Park remains closed on Thursdays only, operating for the rest of the week as usual. It is something you can easily check out if you are in Riyadh for the weekend. 

5. Nofa Wildlife Park

Although strictly speaking, Nofa Wildlife Park is not a part of Riyadh, people consider it to be. Just a short ride to the suburbs of Riyadh, this park is a bit different than the others on this list.

This is because it is home to an extensive collection of animals in what appears to be their natural habitat. 

Nofa Wildlife Park is making a conscious effort to safeguard over 700 animals from different species, many of which are endangered.

This unique park allows you to observe the animals roaming freely in a natural setting on their safari trail. There are many opportunities to photograph these beautiful animals, so ensure your camera is ready to click away.

Nofa Wildlife Park has the choicest selection of animals. These include zebras, giraffes and cheetahs, wildebeests, gazelles, impalas, ostrich, and pygmy hippos. There are so many exotic animals you would almost feel like you are on a safari in Africa rather than Saudi Arabia. 

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Entry for the Park is SR 150 if you want to be on the safari and only SR 50 if you roam the park on your own.

The park, however, only operates on Saturdays, and there is a pre-booking, which may be a little bit of a letdown on certain occasions.

6. Lake Park Namar Dam

Lake Park Namar Dam is a beautiful place for locals and tourists. It is named so because of its two-kilometer-long Namar Valley dam.

Its specialty is its eye-catching lake view and beautiful waterfall. 

It is famous for picnics as it has a paved track along the edges of the lake where people can enjoy walking, jogging, or cycling while admiring the lake’s beauty and marine life.

People can also plan a barbecue with their loved ones in the park with all facilities.

Park has a mesmerizing ambiance with charming and fun vibes. The place is usually crowded, even on regular days. The best time to visit Lake Park Namar Dam is during the spring when the site is full of greenery. 

7. World Sights Park

The World Sight Park is located in Riyadh, covering an area of around twenty-five thousand square meters.

The intriguing thing about this park is that it showcases miniatures of all the world’s famous monuments, including the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, Al-masjid Al-haram, Burj Khalifa, Petra, the pyramids, and many more. 

Furthermore, it provides an ample green area filled with beautiful flowers and restaurants offering delicious Arabic food, making it an ideal picnic area.

The park is another excellent sight of pure bliss as the sun sets, with its radiant lights and miniature figures. It is an ideal spot for photographers because of its beautiful architecture.

Also, You’ll be able to acquire all the information you need about everything through tourist guides.

8. Al Watan Al Futah Park

The Al Watan Park Al Fatah in Saudi Arabia is a great place to visit with your family on a day trip. It is beautifully landscaped, dotted with beautiful trees and colorful flowers, and surrounded by a clean environment. 

The Riyadh tower stands in the middle of the park, making it a top tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia. There are cascading waterfalls and canals in the park, enhancing its charm.

For a memorable picnic with your family, plan a trip to this fun amusement park where you can relax in the beautiful green areas and participate in adventure activities like hiking, boating, and garden chalets.

Also nearby are restaurants and shops where you can enjoy exotic cuisines and shop for your favorite items.


And there you have it! Our guide to making your next trip to Riyadh worth the trouble. There is no doubt that Riyadh is one of the most central cities of Saudi Arabia and has some sites that are undisputedly the best in the region.

So, if you find yourself on the streets of Riyadh with a bit of time on your hands, be sure to check out these parks for a little mental peace.

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