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The Royal Saudi Airforce Museum: Lifeline of Riyadh Tourism Industry?

BusinessThe Royal Saudi Airforce Museum: Lifeline of Riyadh Tourism Industry?

Saqr Al Jazeera Aviation Museum, or the Royal Saudi Airforce Museum, is one of Riyadh’s most famous spots. If you call yourself an aviation enthusiast or just like a plate of rich history with your evening cup of tea, this place is a must on your bucket list. What makes it so unique, you ask? Well, there is a large bunch of things that make this museum one of a kind.

The museum proudly presents the history and function of the Royal Saudi Airforce, established in 1920 to date. It has beautifully made aircraft models and real ones that previously served in the Air Force.  Several planes tell the rich, dynamic story of the Saudi Air Force, compiled wonderfully with explanatory videos. These charming videos are available in both Arabic and English to enlighten young minds. And that is not just it. The fighter jets and planes may form the backbone of the museum, but there is so much more to it –decades upon decades of meticulous equipment from the aircraft, hand-assembled instruments, and life-sized simulators.

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The Al Jazeera Aviation Museum is filled with lessons of the past, with colossal display halls containing exhibits, aircraft engines, and weapons. Deep within the museum walls, you can also find uniforms of the RSAF as well as decorations. Halls are dedicated to the heroism and bravery of the men who have served in the ranks of the Air Force. A much recent addition to the hall of fame is the special display chamber of Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, who reminisced about his first visit to space as a specialist on Discovery during the well-known expedition, the STS-51-G.

This museum is extraordinary. This is not because it emphasizes the vibrant history of the RSAF but because there is so much more to it. It highlights the country’s growth in science and the achievements it has managed to collect. Established in 1999, the place has evolved a great deal. It forms the perfect combination, with aviation history and science all thrown in the mix. The once-upon-a-time Saudi pride, a Lockheed L-1011 Tristar, stands as a gate-guard, its wings visible from the ring road, beckoning tourists and civilians alike.

The museum is indoors but has quite an attractive outdoor static park. Real aircraft and fighter planes stand tall and proud on the huge ground with headstones inscribed. Tales of their lifetimes of service. From the simplest to the most memorable, there is a vast variety of planes here. One such darling is the Dakota DC3, which was gifted to the KSA by the US president as a token of peace and respect commemorating these countries’ relationships.

Riyadh has many wonderful and historic places to visit, and this museum may be on top of the list. It has everything to offer, from rich culture to scientific advancement, wrapped in a cute little package. One thing is for certain: If you are ever in the city and want to explore, the Saqr Al Jazeera Museum is a wonderful place to start planning your tour!