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Coffee and Cats: Saudi Arabia’s First Cat Cafe

LifestyleCoffee and Cats: Saudi Arabia's First Cat Cafe

Cat Cafes have been around for years now. The Cat Cafe originated in Taiwan about 20 years ago. It started as the ‘Cat Flower Garden Cafe.’

After that, it immediately gained popularity in Japan and different countries across the world. However, some countries were still late to the party.

Twenty years after the first cat cafe, Saudi Arabia opened its cat cafe in Riyadh.

The Cup & Cat Cafe of Saudi Arabia is in Riyadh’s Al-Sahafah district. It is a small, cozy cafe designed to put the visiting party at ease immediately. The cafe has two floors. Both are painted entirely in neutral colors and furnished comfortably and pleasingly.

The first floor has seats, booths, and a coffee bar offering what the average cafe does. Guests can sit and enjoy drinks here without any felines. However, those here can head upstairs to the second floor for the main attraction. 

Furry Friends 

The second floor is home to all three cats residing at Cup & Cat, though the baristas say they’ll add more soon.

A gate closes off the area to prevent the cats from going downstairs. The area itself is incredibly well-maintained and sanitary.

Every surface is immaculate and cleaned. There are also sanitizer stations around every corner, complete with instructions on sanitizing and handling the cats safely. 

The cats themselves are living a life fit for (cat) royalty. The area has comfortable resting spots, cat beds, toys, and doting humans. There’s even a separate glass room for people to sit in with a furry friend and unwind for a while. 

Gentry of Cat Cafe in Saudi Arabia

The cafe is equipped to handle customers of all ages. The sanitary stations have instructions for children to handle the cats safely and a separate kids’ menu and kids’ area.

The Kids’ area is furnished with books, a TV, and cat toys so that they can relax or interact with cats and play with them. An elevator is also going up to the second floor for older people.

The place is ideal for all types of casual gatherings. It is open from 4 pm to 2 am and is thus the perfect place to hang out with friends in the company of pets, have a nice family meal, or get some work done. The place does have free wifi.

That, combined with the calming ambiance of the place, makes it the ideal spot to get some work and studying done with a laptop and a cold brew. If you are frustrated or tired, you can hang out with the cats for coffee or a snack. After that, it is back to work.

Cat cafes are a great alternative for anyone who wants to spend time with cats and can’t have their pets. You can play with them, sit with them, or do your thing knowing they are there as you would at home. 

The Science Behind Cat Cafes of Saudi Arabia 

Cat Cafes started as part of a ‘healing industry’ in Japan. It is no secret that direct and indirect contact for a prolonged time with animals can make someone happier and more productive. It’s a great way to cure temporary sadness or go when you feel lost.

Being in a stress-free, calm environment surrounded by cats, who surprisingly help with stress relief and endorphin rush, is a much better and healthier way to cope. You come out feeling ten times more refreshed, energized, and happy. 


Anyone looking for a quiet day out or a nice spot can go regularly; look no further. Cup & Cat Cafe in Saudi Arabia is the one-stop solution to all your problems, and they do it well. Whether you play with cats, get work done, or hang out for a while, it’s got something for everyone.