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This article outlines the methods of updating iqamah online, primarily through the Alinma bank application.

Owning a work permit or iqamah in Saudi Arabia is almost as important as the job itself. The document is a validation that you have been allowed to work in the kingdom. For instance, all job positions within the borders of Saudi Arabia will always ask for documentation of this proof. Hence, there are portals available that allow you to enter and update your iqamah in the government database. Banks have also taken up the honor of offering this service to simplify the matter for citizens. 

Alinma bank is a very resourceful bank with a lot to contribute. Like all other central banks in Saudi Arabia, it directly connects to the internet database of the Saudi government. Therefore any official document update you have to do, you can easily do at the bank or one of its online platforms. In this article, we highlight some of the ways in which you can update your iqamah online through the fantastic services provided by Alinma Bank.

1. Alinma Bank Mobile Application

One of the easiest ways to update your iqamah or work permit is to use the bank’s mobile application. In this scenario, we discuss the process through the application of the Alinma Bank.

  • Download the application to your mobile phone from the Playstore or iTunes
  • Login to your account. This should be easy if you have an existing account with the bank
  • Subsequently, if your iqama is about to expire, you will find a red box on the top of your home screen on the application. Click on it
  • The red box will open up with a short description. The bottom of the box will hold an option to update the ID. Please select it
  • If you have previously renewed your iqama, click on the check your ID now button in the next step. It pays to remember that if you choose this option without renewing the iqama first, you will not be able to update it with the application. You will have to visit the branch to do it instead
  • The screen will reload, and a message telling you that the iqama has successfully been updated will appear. In the Alinma Bank records, in addition to all other related services

2. Alinma Internet Banking 

If you do not have a smartphone at use, you can update your iqama through Alinma internet banking. It is just as quick as through the application and follows a few simple steps.

  • Visit the Alinma Bank Online portal
  • Log in to your online bank account 
  • Once in, you will see a panel on the left-hand side of your screen. Scroll to the very bottom and select the check national ID option
  • The page will take you to a message stating your iqama expiry date and an option to update your information. Select Next at the bottom of the statement. Bear in mind that this is limited to a once-only use, and you have to be wise 
  • As the page reloads, click on the Verify ID now button if you have already renewed your iqama
  • The next page will display a message stating the successful update of your iqama records with Alinma bank
  • However, if you have not renewed your iqama before this step, the bank page will show an error message. It will say that records show your iqama has not been renewed. Under these circumstances, you will have to renew your iqama and then personally visit the bank branch to update the records with the help of a bank executive. 

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3. Alinma Bank Branch

There are multiple Alinma bank branches littered all through the kingdom. Anyone who is not content using the online services to update iqama can easily do it at the bank, in person. You can visit an Alinma Bank branch close to your location and take any necessary paperwork with you. The steps are relatively simple. 

  1. Firstly, visit an Alinma Bank Branch with your renewed iqama
  2. Select a token from the automated machine for customer services and wait until you are called upon
  3. Tell the bank officer about your dilemma in detail. They will ask you to show your renewed iqama and make a copy of it
  4. Fill in the paperwork at the bank. This would be a form of sorts. Fill in the form as thoroughly and precisely as possible and sign it

Aqama Alinma Bank Branch

Although many people wonder if there is a way to update your iqama through the Alinma ATM card or the phone banking service, the answer is no. The government or the bank has not provided iqama update service through the ATM card or the phone, at least not at the moment. 

And there you have it. All three methods that you can use effectively to update your iqama through the Alinma bank. The methods are easy, and we have explained them simply so you can keep finding all the help you need right here with us!

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