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How to register for the COVID-19 Vaccine in Tawakalna

Jawazat & MOIHow to register for the COVID-19 Vaccine in Tawakalna

Everyone with a Saudi work visa permit is known as an Iqama holder. All Iqama holders have to register for the corona vaccine. When abroad, they can do this through the Tawakalna application, via the link 

How To Register For The Vaccine?

Verify yourself as an Iqama holder

The system will gather all the rest of your details. You will receive a verification code through both SMS and email. Next, you have to fill the registration form.

2. Fill in the registration form

  • Enter the vaccination type. This refers to the number of doses of the vaccine you have taken. While doing this, ensure that you select the correct vaccination type you received, such as Pfizer or Moderna.
  • The administered country
  • Date of the first dose of your vaccine
  • Date of the second dose of your vaccine

After this, you will need to attach the documents listed below:

  1. Your passport copy
  2. Certificate of your first dose
  3. Certificate of your second dose

Then you can submit the form.

3. Once the form is submitted, your vaccination status will be updated.

After receiving your data, MOH will update your vaccination status. The status will be changed in the Tawakalna app.

All ex-pat residents do not need to go through the Institutional Quarantine.

Others would, however, need to quarantine to enter Saudi Arabia.

Still, this exception is only for those who are not coming from the 13 banned countries. If coming from a restricted country, they would have to go through a fourteen-day quarantine.

Covid Recovery Registration In Tawakalna

You can even register your recovery from COVID-19 if you had one outside Saudi Arabia in the prior six months. To update it in your Tawakalna account, you need to request MOH.

You will need to send in the following documents in PDF form.

  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Iqama copy
  • Passport copy
  • Mobile number

Then, you will not have to undergo quarantine to enter the country.

You have to email all of these documents to the address below:

MOH Email: [email protected]

Important details to Remember

  • The certificate of your vaccine has to be in English, French, or Arabic. 
  • In addition, it should contain the 

        a) vaccine name

        b) batch number of the vaccine

        c) vaccine date

  • MOH will not update a single dose of vaccination taken from abroad. You have to complete the needed set of dosage of the vaccine. Only then can it be updated in your Tawakalna account. 
  • You may come across an ‘invalid dosage dates’ error. For this, you need to maintain the minimum suggested duration during your registration to avoid it.
  • All the details you enter have to be in
  1. a PDF form
  2. and of not more than 1 MB

 As per the instructions given by the ministry. 

Registration Confirmation By MOH

After you submit the form, MOH will assess your request. They will change your vaccination status in the Tawakalna app. You will then get an acceptance message. This would confirm that MOH has approved your request.

Registration For Muqeem Vaccination

To enter Saudi Arabia, you will need to register for the Muqeem Vaccination too. You have to do this after requesting an update in your Tawakalna account.

You can register through

  • The authorities will verify the data on your registration form. Also, the verification is done

           a) as your boarding pass is issued

           b) and as you enter the country

  • If your data does not meet the set conditions, you will be deported from Saudi Arabia.
  • You also have to carry an approved copy of your vaccination certificate. However, the health authorities of the country you are traveling from have to attest to this certificate first.