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Absher Machine (Kiosk) Near Me in Saudi Arabia

Jawazat & MOIAbsher Machine (Kiosk) Near Me in Saudi Arabia

Absher is an online platform (or Kiosk Machine) that allows citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia to access various governmental services online. 

The platform offers a wide range of e-services, including:

  • Iqama expiry check,
  • Applying for ID cards,
  • Extension of family visa,
  • Family Insurance,
  • Istimara (Vehicle registration) check & Renewal,
  • Traffic violations check,
  • Paying traffic tickets, etc.

Absher was introduced in 2015; before this, one had to visit many offices for a single form of work. But now, they can use government services without visiting government offices physically.

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How Absher Works

You must register an account on Absher’s portal to avail yourself of all services. After registration, you need to activate it.

Activating your account requires you to submit thumb impressions electronically. This can be done via Absher machines (Absher self-service kiosks), bank accounts, and Jawazat branches.

These machines are available in every city in Saudi Arabia. You can also use them to update your Absher mobile number and reset a forgotten Absher password.

Do you want to know where the Absher machine is near me? Following is a city-by-city list of Absher machine locations in Saudi Arabia.

Absher Machine Locations in Riyadh

RiyadhAl Jazeera Markets – Sulaimaniya district, Gate No. 31
RiyadhAl Rimal Passports – Dammam Road1
RiyadhAl Salam Mall – Gate No. 1 – Exit 271
RiyadhHyper Panda – Hamra District – Hassan bin Hussein bin Ali St.1
RiyadhSahara Mall – King Abdullah Rd. – 1st Floor, restauFloor area1
RiyadhDallah Hospital – Outpatient Clinic Gate (3)1
RiyadhDove Plaza – Om Al Hamam, Om Al Hamam Road1
RiyadhGeneral Organization for Social Insurance – Makkah Rd.1
RiyadhHigh Commission For The Development Of Arriyadh – Diplomatic Quarter – Canadian Piazza – Next to Assifarat Market1
RiyadhHyper Panda – Al-Rayyan District – Eastern Ring Rd. between 13,14 exits1
RiyadhSahara Mall – King Abdullah Rd. – 1st Floor, restauFloor area1
Sahara Mall – King Abdullah Rd. – 1st Floor, restauFlFloorreaHyper Panda – Ishbelia District Jaber Al-Sabbah St.1
RiyadhHyperpanda – Al-Hazm District – Dairab Rd.1
RiyadhOthaim Mall – Khurais Rd. – 1st Floor.1
Khurais Mall – Gate No. 4 – 1st FloorKing Fahd Medical City – Main Building1
RiyadhKing Faisal Specialist Hospital – Northern Tower1
RiyadhKing Khalid International Airport2
RiyadhKing Khalid University Hospital – Main Gate1
RiyadhKing Saud Medical City (Al-Shimesy) – Internal Medicine Building1
RiyadhKing Saud University – University Center1
RiyadhKingdom Hospital and Consulting Clinics – Main Gate1
RiyadhMeras Center – As-Sahafa District – Imam Saud bin Faisal Rd.1
RiyadhMinistry of Commerce and Investment (Business Center) Al-T’awun district, Exit 61
RiyadhMOL – Mursalat District1
RiyadhNasriyah Traffic1
RiyadhNational Guard Hospital – Surgery Tower Gate No. (2)1
RiyadhPanda – Al-Hamra District King Abdullah Rd. Cross Khalid Bin Al-Waled St.1
RiyadhOthaim Mall – Laban District1
RiyadhPanda – Al-Amseef District Abo – Bakr Al-Siddeq St.1
RiyadhPanda – Al-Badiah District – Madinah St. cross Hamza bin Abdul-Muttalib St.1
RiyadhPanda – Al-Fayhaa District – Al-Imam Al-Shafei St. cross Al-Bayan St.1
RiyadhMinistry of Commerce and Investment (Business Center) Al-T’awun district, Exit 61
RiyadhPanda – Al-Nahda District Abdurrahman Al-Nasser St.1
RiyadhPanda – Al-Naseem District – Prince bin Saad Abdurrahman Al-Awal Rd1
RiyadhPanda – Al-Nazeem District – Khurees Rd.1
RiyadhPanda – Jarir District – Fatima Al-Zaharaa St.1
RiyadhPanda – Qurtuba District Prince Saud bin Mohammed bin Miqrin Rd.1
RiyadhPanda, Sharq Plaza– Al-Jazeera District – Prince Saad bin Abdurrahman Al-Awwal Rd.1
RiyadhPanorama Mall – Al Takhassusi St. – Gate 5 – Ground Parks1
RiyadhPrincess Nora bin Abdurrahman University – Administration Main Building (P06)1
RiyadhPublic Transport Center – Southern Ring Rd.2
RiyadhRawdah Traffic1
RiyadhRiyadh Civil Affairs – Morouj Branch1
RiyadhRiyadh Civil Affairs – Qurtubah Plaza Branch1
RiyadhRiyadh Civil Affairs – Royal Mall Branch1
RiyadhRiyadh Civil Affairs – Royal Mall Branch Women Section1
RiyadhRiyadh Civil Affairs – Washem Branch1
RiyadhRiyadh Civil Affairs – Washem Branch (Women)1
RiyadhRiyadh Exhibition Center – King Abdullah Rd.1
RiyadhRiyadh Mall, Gate No.1 – Rawdah District1
RiyadhRiyadh Passports – King Fahd Road3
RiyadhRiyadh Passports – King Fahd Road (Women)1
RiyadhRiyadh Region Governorate1
RiyadhAl-QasrFloor – Sultanah District – Al Sawaidy St. cross Sultanah St. – 1st Floor beside FlFloorour1
RiyadhSahara Mall – King Abdullah Rd. – Gate No.21
RiyadhSecurity Forces Hospital – Reception Gate1
RiyadhSTC – Al-Sewaidi Branch1

Absher Machine (Kiosk) Locations in Deri’yyah

Deri’yyahDeri’yyah Civil Affairs1
Deri’yyahDeri’yyah Civil Affairs (Women)1

Absher Machine Locations in Al Kharj

KharjAl-Hudaithi Mall – King Abdulaziz Rd. – Gate No. 21
KharjKharj Civil Affairs1
KharjKharj Passports1
KharjKharj Traffic1
KharjRoshan Market1

Absher Machine (Kiosk) Locations in Jeddah

JeddahJeddah Passports – Kundara branch2
JeddahJeddah Passports – Rehab branch1
JeddahJeddah Passports – Rehab branch (women)1
JeddahJeddah Passports – Tahliyah Mall2
JeddahJeddah Passports – Sairafi Mall1
JeddahJeddah Civil Affairs – Al-Safaa1
JeddahJeddah Civil Affairs – Al-Safaa (women)1
JeddahJeddah Civil Affairs – Jawad Center1
JeddahJeddah Civil Affairs – Jawad Center (women)1
JeddahHaifa Mall – Gate (2)1
JeddahArab Mall – Gate (2)1
JeddahAl-Salam Mall – between Gates 3 and 41
JeddahMahmal Commercial Centre – 6th floor1
JeddahMahmal Commercial Centre – 6th Floor1
JeddahAziz Mall – 1st Floor1
JeddahAl-Andalus Mall – Gate No. 52
JeddahAl Yasameen Mall – Gate No. 51
JeddahKing Abdulaziz International Airport2
JeddahChamber of Commerce – Head Office1
JeddahNational Guard Hospital – Gate (3)1
JeddahKing Faisal Specialist Hospital – Gate (2)1
JeddahRecruitment Affairs Administration1

Absher Machine (Kiosk) Locations in Makkah

MakkahAl-Hijaz Market -Gate No. 31
MakkahBanda (Ash-Sharae’ Mall) – Al-Rashedya District1
MakkahDeyafa Mall – Main Gate1
MakkahHyper Panda – Al-Ka’akeya District – Ibrahim Al-Khalel Rd.1
MakkahMakkah – Alnoor Hospital1
MakkahMakkah Civil Affairs1
MakkahMakkah Mall – Gate (5)1
MakkahMakkah Passports2

Absher Machine Locations in Taif

TaifAl-Ameen Hospital – Main Gate1
TaifJoury Mall – Gate No. 41
TaifTaif Airport1
TaifTaif Civil Affairs1
TaifTaif Civil Affairs (Women)1

Absher Machine Locations in Madinah

MadinahAl Noor Mall – Gate No. 41
MadinahAl Rashid Mega Mall – Gate No.1 1st Floor – Infront of Mobily Co.1
MadinahAliat Mall – Gate No. 41
MadinahMadinah Civil Affairs1
MadinahMadinah Development Authority, King Abdullah Road1
MadinahMadinah Passports2
MadinahMadinah Traffic1
MadinahPrince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Intl Airport1

Absher Machine (Kiosk) Locations in Yanbu

YanbuAl-Danah Mall – Gate No. 11
YanbuYanbu Passports1

Absher Machine (Kiosk) Locations in Dammam

DammamAl Shati Mall – Gate No. 11
DammamBanda – King Fahd District1
DammamChamber of Commerce – Main Office1
DammamDammam Civil Affairs1
DammamDammam Civil Affairs – Al-Shati Mall1
DammamDammam Civil Affairs – Al-Shati Mall (Women)1
DammamDammam Passports2
DammamEastern Region Governorate1
DammamHyper Panda – Al-Atheer District, Prince Naif Bin Abdulaziz St.1
DammamHyper Panda – Al-Gameeyen District, Imam Ali bin Talib St.1
DammamHyper Panda – Al-Nada District, Abu Bakr Al-Sideeq St.1
DammamHyper Panda – Uhud District, besides Mowasah Hospital1
DammamKing Fahd International Airport1
DammamKing Fahd Specialist Hospital – Main Hall1

Absher Machine (Kiosk) Locations in Al Khobar

Al KhobarAl Khobar Civil Affairs1
Al KhobarAl Khobar Civil Affairs Foad Center, Corniche Rd.1
Al KhobarAl Khobar Passports1
Al KhobarAl Khobar Traffic1
Al KhobarBanda – Al-Jesr District – Al-Nu’man bin Haritha St.1
Al KhobarDahran Mall – Gate No. 121
Al KhobarFanar Complex (Hyper Panda) – Rakah, restaurants area1
Al KhobarKing Fahd Causeway Passports1

Absher Machine (Kiosk) Locations in Jubail

JubailAl-Jubail Mall – Gate No.21
JubailHyper Banda – King Fahd1
JubailJubail Civil Affairs1
JubailJubail Passports1
Jubail IndustrialBanda – Al-Khaleel St.1
Jubail IndustrialGalleria Mall– Gate No. 2 1st floor1

AbsheFloorhine (Kiosk) Locations in Other Cities or Near Me

AbhaAbha Passports1
AbhaAbha Passports – Women1
AbhaAbha Traffic1
AbhaValley Mall – between 2,3 gates, restaurant area1
AbhaAseer Mall – Main Gate1
Abo AreeshRegion Mall – Main Gate1
AbqaiqPanda – Omar ibn Al-Khattab St.1
AfifAfif Passports1
AflajAflaj Passports1
Al ArtawiyahAl Artawiyah Passports1
Al BekairiyaAl Bekairiya Passports1
Al BekairiyaAl Bekairiya Mall – Gate No. 21
Al RassAl Rass Passports1
Al RassBanda – King Abdulaziz Rd.1
Al ZulfiAl Zulfi Passports1
Al ZulfiCity Mall1
Al-AsyahOthaim Markets1
Al-BadaeBanda – Besides Dates Market1
Al-Batha PortAl-Batha Port1
Al-HinakeyahBanda – Khaleej Road1
Al-LaithAl-Laith Traffic Department1
Al-MandaqAl-Mandaq Passports1
Al-MigadrahAl-Migadrah Passports1
Al-MikhwahAl-Mikhwah Passports1
Al-MuthnibOthaim Market – King Abdulaziz Rd.1
Al-NamasAl-Namas Passports1
Al-OlaAl-Ola Passports1
Al-QunfudahAl-Bandar Mall – Gate No. 31
Al-WaghAl-Wagh Passports1
Ar’arNorthern Border Region Governorate