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How to Pay Your Traffic Violation Fines in Saudi Arabia

AutoHow to Pay Your Traffic Violation Fines in Saudi Arabia

Here is the procedure to pay your Muroor or Mawgif Traffic violation fines in Saudi Arabia,

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Al Ahli, SNB Bank

  • Go to iTunes or Playstore and download the app
  • Log in to your internet banking account
  • Select “SADAD”
  • Click “Government Payments and Refunds.”
  • Biller: “Traffic Violation”

Pay all your traffic violation fines in one go

  • Service: Query Traffic Violation By Violator ID
  • Select Unregistered
  • Violator ID: Enter Iqama Number
  • Violation ID: Enter Traffic Violation ID
  • The screen will now show the due amount of the fine
  • Click on “Confirm” to make the payment

Al Rajhi Bank 

To pay your traffic violation fines through Al Rahji Bank, follow the following steps,

  • Download the app through iTunes or PlayStore
  • Log in to your online banking account
  • Select “Payments”
  • Click “Government Payments”
  • Service: Traffic Violations

Pay all your traffic fines at the same time

To pay all traffic violation fines in Saudi Arabia against an ex-pat Iqama , select the following,

  • Application Type: Querry Civilian ID
  • Type of Transaction: Payment
  • Violator ID: Iqama Number
  • Click Nex
  • Click “Confirm” to make the payment

How to Pay a specific violation only

  • Services: Traffic Violations
  • Application type: Query by Violation Number
  • Type of Transaction: Payment
  • Violation ID: Enter the Traffic Violation ID
  • Click “Confirm” to pay the fine

Pay Traffic Violation Fines through the Effa platform

You can use your bank’s credit or debit card to make payments through the Effa platform.

  • Log in to Effa Platform.
  • Enter Iqama Number
  • Enter your Date of Birth given on the Iqama
  • The payable Fine will appear on the screen
  • Click “Pay Now”
  • Enter your debit or credit card details
  • The Fine is now paid

Paying Mawgif fines online

Saudi Arabia has two types of parking fines,

  1. Parking in a No-Parking zone: You can pay the fine for parking in a no-parking zone using the earlier (above) method.
  2. Parking without a Ticket: You will receive a Mawgif fine if you park in a Paid Parking Area without paying for the parking ticket.

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To pay Mawgif fines online,

Follow the below steps;

  • Download the Mawgif app from iTunes or PlayStore
  • Use your bank debit or credit card to recharge your e-wallet
  • Select pay fine option to pay the Mawgif fine

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