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Five Levels Of Fines For Building Compliance Violations

Jawazat & MOIFive Levels Of Fines For Building Compliance Violations

Riyadh — MOMRA announced a list of building compliance violations and asked for the public’s opinion on these before implementing the regulations. There are five levels of fines for various building compliance violations.

The penalties range from SR20 to SR6,000 according to the classifications the mayoralties and municipalities give.

The Ministry announced fines between SR100 and SR500 if a building had a satellite dish installed on the balconies or its sides.

Additionally, buildings will be fined SR200 to SR1,000 for hanging clothes or other materials on the balcony. A similar fine will be imposed in the event of graffiti on the walls of commercial buildings.

A missing roof jack will bring a fine of SR100 to SR500 or if the height of the jack violates building regulations.

Commercial buildings with incorrect window openings and design will be fined between SR200 and SR1000.

The lack of a separate staircase for the mezzanine floor of commercial buildings will incur a fine ranging between SR1000 to SR5000.

Buildings lacking the required facilities for people with disabilities. In terms of parking and passages as stipulated in the building permit. Approved plans for commercial buildings will face fines ranging from SR500 to SR2500.

The table of fines included a minimum SR20 and a maximum SR100 penalty. If there are no sidewalks toward the main street from the building.

Erecting iron columns or iron Shinko screens on the roof walls of commercial buildings. Will bring a minimum fine of SR1200 and a maximum of SR6000 fine.

Cracks or damaged buildings’ facades or visible rust on the metal materials on the facades range between SR100 and SR500.

The table included fines from SR200 to SR1,000 for violations related to electrical, sanitary, and mechanical works. Extension works were visible on the façade of the commercial building.

In contrast, the fines for air conditioning units on the fronts of the commercial buildings overlooking the street ranged from SR50 to SR250.

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