How to Check Traffic Violations With or Without an Absher Account

How to Check Traffic Violations With or Without an Absher Account Saudiscoop
Learn how to check traffic violations with or without an Absher account. Avoid penalties and fines by following these simple steps. Read now!

Ravaging traffic, 4-lane roads, and zooming cars, traffic in Saudi Arabia is one of a kind. And with such high-speed roads, it is easy to get caught in a violation or rule-breaking. 

The traffic police is a regulating body, keeping everyone in line to keep us safe. Thereby, it is important to be aware of the traffic laws and some common violations to avoid.

Types of fines

The fines are categorized in terms of the magnitude of a violation. The bigger the violation, the greater the fine. Therefore, there exist ranges of the level of fine a person can receive.

Traffic Fine of SAR 100- SAR 300

  1. Using strong lights
  2. Not presenting the vehicle for technical inspection.
  3. Driving without vehicle registration or driver’s license.
  4. Not using a seat belt
  5. Using a mobile phone while driving
  6. Driving an uninsured car

Traffic Fine of SAR 300- SAR 900

  1. Exceeding the speed limit by less than 25km/h
  2. Making improper modifications to the car without the proper procedure
  3. Driving a vehicle without a number plate
  4. Not stopping completely at the stop signal

Traffic Fine of SAR 1000- 6000

  1. Not wearing a helmet when driving a motorbike
  2. Stopping on the railway tracks
  3. Using a forged registration plate
  4. Not stopping at a red light
  5. Tampering with traffic regulating signs

Saudi Arabia Traffic Violation fine payment procedure

Below is the procedure to check if you have any Mukhalafa (traffic violations) fines and the traffic violation ID. Check the location of the Violation, the picture, and the vehicle’s number plate.

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How to check traffic violations without the Absher account

  • Open Absher website
  • Click “Query Traffic Violation for Visitors”
  • Fill in Iqama or Border Number
  • Select your Nationality
  • Enter Captcha Code

Check traffic violations through Tawakkalna

Another way to check traffic violations without an Absher account is to use the Tawakkalna app.

  • Go to playstore or iTunes and download Tawakkalna services
  • Use Absher ID and password to log in
  • Click on the “Dashboard”
  • Select “Traffic Violations”
  • Click “Unpaid Traffic Violations’

Use the Iqama number to check the traffic fine

To check someone else’s fine

  • Log into Absher
  • Select “Detailed Query Traffic Violation”
  • Click “General Query”
  • Enter the Iqama number on “ID”

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Check Traffic violation ID

To check details of a violation like time, date, and vehicle number,

  • Log into Absher
  • Select “Detailed Query Traffic Violation”
  • Click “Family Members Violation”
  • Select the name from the drop-down list
  • The system will show the ‘Fine’ amount
  • Further down, the system will also show the “Traffic Violation ID”

How To Check the traffic violation vehicle’s number plate

  • While you are still in Absher.
  • Click “+” 
  • Click “Details” 
  • The screen will show “Traffic Violation Time and Date”
  • Scroll ahead till you reach “Vehicle Number Plate of the Traffic Violation

How To Check the location of the traffic fine

  • The same screen will show the “Location” button 
  • The system will show pinned location on Google Maps
  • 5 km error of margin expected

Check pictures 

Use a computer to check the picture, as this facility is not available on the mobile version.

  • Click “Services” under “My Services”
  • Click “Traffic”
  • Go to “Dispute Traffic Violations”
  • Click ‘Dispute Violations”
  • Press the “Open” button
  • Scroll down to see the picture of the Violation

You can dispute the Violation if it was not you or your vehicle involved in the violation.

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