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The Fine for Jumping a Traffic Red Light in SAUDI ARABIA & Someone Else Driving your Car

AutoThe Fine for Jumping a Traffic Red Light in SAUDI ARABIA &...

Breaking a traffic red light signal violation in Saudi Arabia can cost a fine and 24 hours in Jail. 

The Fine Amount And Jail

In a move to improve adherence to traffic rules and create better traffic and road rules awareness, the Saudi traffic authorities have increased the violation penalty for breaking or jumping a traffic Red Signal (Light).

Previously the penalty for violating a red light signal was SR 500. This Fine amount is now SR 3000 to SR6000; additionally, the driver could spend 24 hours in Jail. 

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Payment Methods

Penalized offenders can pay their fines using SADAD. Offenders can pay their fines through phone, online, or ATM banking.

This payment option is only shown on the SADAD system unless the violator spends 24 hours behind bars.

Latest Changes In Saudi Arabia Traffic Laws

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What Will Happen If Someone Else Is Driving Your Car?

If your vehicle registered on your iqama number is involved in a violation, then the above fine and 24 of prison are imposed on the vehicle owner.

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