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Traffic Violation Fines in Saudi Arabia 2024

AutoTraffic Violation Fines in Saudi Arabia 2024

Saudi Traffic revised some traffic fines in 2024; here is a list of traffic violation fines. The “violation fines” are split into eight different categories. 

These new and revised traffic violation categories are:

  1. Category 1: SR 20,000 to SR 60,000
  2. Category 2: SR 5,000 to SR 10,000
  3. Category 3: SR 3,000 to SR 6,000
  4. Category 4: SR 1,000 to SR 2,000
  5. Category 5: SR 500 to SR 900
  6. Category 6: SR 300 to SR 500
  7. Category 7: SR 100 to SR 300
  8. Category 8: SR 100 to SR 150

Category 1: SR 20,000 to SR 60,000

The Saudi government launched this revised traffic violation category. In this category, traffic violation lawbreakers will be fined Saudi Riyal 20,000 to Saudi Riyal 60,000. Moreover, the offender will also get 24 traffic violation points.

  1. SR 20,000 fine for drifting for the first time.
  2. SR 40,000 fine for drifting for the second time.
  3. SR 60,000 fine for drifting for the third time.

Category 2: SR 5,000 to SR 10,000

The following list describes these offenses:

  1. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This offense also brings 24 traffic violation points to the offender’s record.
  2. Crossing or passing a valley during the flood.
  3. Once the animal owner does not place their domestic animals away from the roadside.
  4. Doing road works without bringing notice to the concerned authorities.
  5. Camouflage or alter the chassis number of the car or vehicle.

Category 3: SR 3,000 to SR 6,000

 This category covers the following revised traffic violation fines:

  1. If the driver continues his vehicle while the red traffic light is on.
  2. Do Not stop entirely at a Red light.
  3. Racing vehicles on public roads.
  4. Install equipment and lights used in official and emergency vehicles.
  5. Overtaking a stopped school bus picking up or dropping off students. This violation also gets four(4) traffic violation points on the offender’s record.
  6. Heavy-duty trucks not staying in the designated right lane.
  7. Skipping the truck weighing station.
  8. Driving against traffic direction: Twelve(12) traffic violation points.
  9. Using unauthorized devices in vehicles.
  10. Tampering with traffic signs.
  11. Displaying inappropriate logos or posters.

Category 4: SR 1,000 to SR 2,000

The revised traffic violation fines are as follows:

  1. Exceeding the car’s passenger limits.
  2. Overtaking other vehicles on curves or uphill sections.
  3. Leaving vehicles unattended on public roads.
  4. Pedestrians crossing roads inappropriately.
  5. Riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet: Incurs two(2) traffic violation points.
  6. Not yielding to ambulances.
  7. Ignoring lane markings or improper use of the yellow lane/shoulder.
  8. Stopping or standing on railway tracks: Results in six(6) traffic violation points.
  9. Failure to provide Istimara and Iqama documents upon request.
  10. Operating a vehicle with an obscured number plate in Saudi Arabia.
  11. Driving a vehicle without lights on

Category 5: SR 500 to SR 900

These traffic rules violations are:

  1. If the driver is driving the car or vehicle without a valid driving license.
  2. Exceeding or crossing the given speed limit by more than 25 km/hour.
  3. Ringing or using the siren of emergency vehicles without any need.
  4. Breaking the car tinting law.
  5. High-speed driving in traffic. It also gets eight(8) traffic violation points for the offender.
  6. Ignoring driving priority signs.
  7. Driving a vehicle without working brakes.
  8. Failing to use headlights during nighttime or in adverse weather conditions.
  9. Using a handheld mobile phone while driving: Results in two(2) traffic violation points.
  10. Ignoring hand signals from traffic police: Results in eight(8) traffic violation points.
  11. Illegally parking in spots designated for drivers with a disability.
  12. Loading trucks unsafely or leaving loads unsecured/uncovered: Results in four(4) traffic violation points.
  13. Driving through tunnels without using vehicle lights.

Traffic Violation Fines Category 6: SR 300 to SR 500

These revised traffic violation fines are: 

  1. Crossing the official check post with a speed exceeding 25 km/hour. Moreover, the offender will get four(4) traffic violation points.
  2. Crossing the road lanes where it is not permitted. It also imposes four traffic violation points.
  3. Customized illegal change to a vehicle’s body also brings a penalty of four(4) traffic violation points.
  4. If a driver drives a vehicle that pollutes the surrounding environment.
  5. Not obeying the traffic rules, regulations, and instructions while driving. Moreover, it also penalizes six traffic violation points to the offender.
  6. Using a vehicle for illegal or unlicensed works.
  7. Driving with an expired license
  8. Not giving way to VIP or emergency vehicles
  9. Unwarranted abrupt braking
  10. Failure to use child safety seats
  11. Leaving a vehicle on a slope without engaging the handbrake
  12. Inappropriate passenger seating arrangements
  13. Excessively slow driving, causing traffic obstruction
  14. Abandoning dangerous objects on public roads

Category 7: SR 100 to SR 300

Below are the revised traffic violation fines imposed:

  1. Nose picking while driving a vehicle.
  2. Not equipping trailers according to rules and regulations.
  3. Driving a vehicle without Fahas.
  4. Not keeping the safe and suggested distance between two vehicles.
  5. Braking traffic rule by using powerful headlights.
  6. Parking the vehicle in a public area or road without safety measures.
  7. Creating bars inside the car that create hurdles in driver vision.
  8. Driving any vehicle without a valid Istimara.
  9. Driving a vehicle without legally transferred ownership.
  10. Driving without a seatbelt and this violation also imposes two traffic violation points.
  11. If the vehicle does not have seat safety measures for kids.
  12. A vehicle without the proper horn.
  13. Changing lanes without using an indicator.
  14. Reversing a vehicle on a highway for more than 20 meters.

Traffic Violation Fines Category 8: SR 100 to SR 150

This category carries the lowest fine ratio in Saudi Arabia. According to this category, it imposes a minimum of 100 Saudi Riyals in the following circumstances.