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How To Pass Fahas or MVPI Test: Complete Guide(Updated 2024)

AutoHow To Pass Fahas or MVPI Test: Complete Guide(Updated 2024)

What is Fahas in KSA?

In Saudi Arabia, vehicles must undergo a yearly inspection known as Fahas. The Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection(MVPI) Centres under the Department of Traffic in KSA carry out this inspection, valid for one year from the date of issuance only.

For anyone to drive a vehicle in Saudi Arabia, it is a requirement to hold an MVPI certificate. 

Moreover, this inspection ensures that all the vehicles in the Kingdom are up to the environmental standards and safe. 

The MVPI team conducts thorough checks on the mechanical functions of the car, including the vehicle’s

  • Steering system
  • Brakes
  • Oil leakage
  • Suspension system
  • Lights
  • Tires
  • Emission control system

You will receive your MVPI certificate once your vehicle passes these checks. However, if it fails to meet the standards, you must get it repaired for an MVPI certificate.

When to go for a Fahas test?

You must get a Fahas test every year before your inspection certificate expires. However, MVPI Centres will inspect vehicles for anyone who wants them checked in certain situations. 

Some of these cases include:

  • When they are going on a long trip
  • When they are buying/selling their vehicle
  • When changing the color, engine, or chassis of your vehicle
  • After you repair your vehicle following a traffic accident
  • When renewing a vehicle license
  • When the owner wishes to get a Saudi vehicle plate if it is registered in another country

However, if your car or any other private vehicle is new, you must get it inspected three years after getting its first license plate. Furthermore, trucks, buses, or other public vehicles must be checked after two years of getting their license plates. 

Procedure for MVPI test in Saudi Arabia

Before going to the MVPI center, ensuring your vehicle is Fahas-ready is essential.

  1. You need to check your brake lights, headlights, hazard lights, tires, sunglass frames, and side mirrors and look out for any dents.
  2. Wash your car thoroughly. It is also possible for your vehicle to fail the test for other reasons, but these are some of the more important ones.
  3. To get your vehicle inspected, go to your nearest MVPI center.
  4. When you reach there, go to the cash counter, pay the inspection fees, and present your documents (iqama and vehicle registration).
  5. After paying the inspection fees, you can head to the inspection shed, where the MVPI team will inspect your vehicle. 
  6. After the MVPI inspection, you’ll receive an inspection report (a certificate). In case of defects, Fahas can be repeated after two weeks. 

Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection (Fahas) Fees

Vehicle TypeInspection Fee (SAR)Re-inspection Fee (SAR)
Private Car11537.95
Small Truck11537.95
Medium Truck162.1554.05
Large Truck235.7578.2
Small Bus11554.05
Medium Bus162.1554.05
Large Bus235.7578.2
Heavy Equipment235.7578.2
Small Trailer11537.95
Large Trailer211.670.15
Small Semi Trailer11537.95
Large Semi Trailer211.670.15
Motorcycle(3-4 wheels)57.5019.55

Documents required to perform Fahas

  • Iqama (identity card)
  • Vehicle Registration Card (Istamara)
  • Driving license
  • Traffic Printout
  • Original Customs Card for imported vehicles

MVPI timings

The timing of the MVPI centers is almost the same regardless of the location. The timings are from 7 AM to 4:15 PM on weekdays and Sundays and 7 AM to 2:15 PM on Saturdays. Friday is a non-working day.

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Fahas expiry fine

The validity of the Fahas certificate is one year. If you drive your vehicle with an expired Fahas, traffic police can charge you with a fine of SR 150.

Can someone else drive my car to MVPI for inspection?

Only owners, first-degree relatives, or authorized vehicle drivers can bring it for periodic inspection.