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Lake Park Namar Dam – Riyadh

LifestyleLake Park Namar Dam - Riyadh

The Valley and the Park

Lake Park Namar Dam lies south of Riyadh city in Saudi Arabia. The park gets its name from the two-kilometer-long Namar Valley dam. The 20 meters deep dam has an area of 200,000 square meters. It is one of the most famous new tourist attractions of Riyadh.

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Lake Namar Valley Information

Wadi Namar Lake is a beautiful natural area in the Riyadh region. Here rushing waters feed the lake, which extends over a wide area and creates a beautiful nature reserve.

Residents and visitors can walk and explore the valley. Visitors to the park enjoy the meditative natural atmosphere and the crisp open air. The Wadi Namar dam is one of the most famous new tourist attractions in the south of Riyadh.

The park was purposefully created along the two-kilometer-long Namar Valley dam, which has an area of 200,000 square meters and is 20 meters deep at its deepest point.

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Lake Park Namar Dam is popular for its multiple features that attract locals and tourists alike. These beautiful sights are the spectacular lake with its cascading manmade waterfall. 

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The lake shore has a corniche for visitors. It also has many tourist services and amenities available at the park site. 

Visitors to the park enjoy nature at the park as they walk, jog or cycle on the paved track along the lake’s edge. You will find many people leisurely gazing at the ducks swimming by and fish that occasionally break the surface.

Peak period

The park is particularly popular during the Eid holiday. The locals, in particular, organize picnics and barbeques. This activity is not particular to the holidays alone.

The place is lively and crowded year-round, with Spring being the best time to visit it. This is when the park vegetation sprouts with new life, and there is greenery galore.

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Make sure you get there an hour before sunset to get a good picnic spot, or else you’ll lose the best sites. It does get very crowded during the season.


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