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Ex-pats Property Title (Deed) Transfer Process and Documents Required in Saudi Arabia

BusinessEx-pats Property Title (Deed) Transfer Process and Documents Required in Saudi Arabia

Documents which Individual Foreigners (Ex-pats) And Foreign Companies Need To Prepare For the Transfer of Property Title in Saudi Arabia, KSA. The following documents are required to transfer the title deed.

Individual Buyers (Ex-pats)

Here is the list of Documents Required by Foreign Individual Buyers (Ex-pats) For Property Transfer Of Title. 

  • Original and Copy of Residency Permit (Iqama) or Saudi -National ID Card
  • Land or property title deeds If transferring the name to deeds
  • Approval of the Ministry of Interior or from The Ministry of the Interior applied through Absher.
  • The sales Agreement by the estate agent or broker
  • Preapproved Certified Banker’s Check or a Bank Loan application if needed
  • Plot Plan in case of land
  • Pictures
  • Dimensions
  • Location
  • Architect’s Drawings 
  • Municipality Plot Number,

Documents Required by Foreign Company Buyers For Transfer Of Title 

Here is the list of Documents Required by Foreign Company Buyers For Property Transfer Of Title. 

  1. Authorization Letter if Power of Attorney (Third Party). The authorization Letter dated within the last five years.
  2. Foreign companies require an Approval Letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. Payment, 
    • A Certified Check 
    • Notice of Deposit of reserved funds
    • Notice of payment Pre Approval
    • Payment in FULL, in a Single Transfer. No cash payment is allowed. 
  4. Checks on Company Purchaser require the following Documents. 
    • Company Articles
    • Company Articles of Association
    • Any Article Amendments Should Be Notarized
  5. Commercial Registry- Valid and Accessible for Checking
  6. Sales or Purchases MUST be stipulated on the contract.
  7. Confirmation Letter MUST include
    • Agency Name
    • Legal Capacity Details
  8. Copy of Commercial Registration with Registration Number and Particulars
  9. For Joint Ownership With Foreign Partner (s), a document showing the registered company owns and can dissolve the company. Written Permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Visit the Notary Public Office (Ministry of Justice) To Transfer Land Or Property Ownership  

The brief Steps

  1. Buyer and seller meet the Notary Clerk at The Ministry Of Justice.  
  2. Both parties submit their documents. The notary clerk prepares the new title deed and signs it. 
  3. The Notary Public official checks the records and approves the transfer and the new deed document. 
  4.  certified banker’s check is used to make the payment
  5. The notary public official then signs and stamps the new title deed and gives it to the seller.

The Buyer and seller must attend the procedure to sign the transfer documents and make payment through an online appointment to visit the notary’s office. 

A few days after the online registration, you get the appointment to visit a public notary to make the deed transfer.

In Step 1, The notary clerk enters the details of both parties into the computer system and issues a new title deed (saq). Both parties sign the new document, and each sign it. 

The entire process requires 60 minutes. 

The Second Visit To The Notary Public Office (Ministry of Justice) To Complete The Deed Transfer

The Property Title Deed Transfer, KSA

At the second visit, the notary public transfers ‘SAQ’ the deed document in the Buyer’s name from the seller in a separate room and at a later meeting. 

Both parties will receive an SMS text message asking them to return to the notary public office a few hours after the first visit.

The parties repeat the process and submit the documents at the front desk. They meet the notary public official again to complete the transfer. 

This time, the Notary Public official makes a final check of the documents and approves the documents by signing, stamping, and sealing the title deeds. 

At this point, you would have made only ONE payment (no cash allowed), the certified check handed over to the seller in the presence of the Notary Public official. 

Now You Receive Your Title Deed And Are The Proud Owner Of Your Land Or Home 

The notary public official then hands the new title deed to the Buyer and archives a copy of the document at the Notary Public Office.