Jeddah Jungle Park Saudi Arabia

If you are looking for a family day out, Jeddah Jungle Park is the place to be. Price, timing, location & expand your knowledge about animals.

If you are a nature enthusiast, the Jeddah Jungle Park is the place to be! Your childhood Nat Geo Wild shows will come to life. It is an adventure park where you can observe endangered and exotic animals. 

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It will give you a real-life experience with animals, bringing you joy. You can interact with animals, pet them, play with them and feed them. Your children can learn more about their characteristics and features. 

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Which, in return, enhances and develops their sense of compassion. There is a tour guide to take you along through the beautiful safari on a Jeep.

Highlights of the park Jeddah Jungle Park

The park includes:

  • Adventure zone, 
  • Children’s playground 
  • Open theater 
  • Archery space 
  • Paintball area 
  • Karting
  • Workshop zone

Jungle Safari

Bringing children close to animals is crucial for acquiring new educational and sensory skills.

You can also find the golden tiger in the Jungle, which are extinct among the wild animals. Ligers, a combined breed of lion and tiger along with white lions, can be seen. You can feed the giraffe.

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You can wear costumes of your favorite animals.

We can find one thousand species of wild creatures and birds. It has a reptile section, a bird section, a dog section, a farm, for shows and other services, and an entertainment section.

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Other aspects of the park are; The Tram Station, Elephant Enclosure, Lighting Garden, Lucaland, the Aviary, Taxidermy Museum, Reptile Land, the Farm, Safari Game Drive, Jungle Trek, and the park.

Ticket Price

SAR 55. Free for two years or younger.


The times of the park are 9 am to 11 pm.


Asfan Road, Jeddah.


If you are looking for a family day out, Jeddah Jungle Park is the place to be. It expands your knowledge about these animals and gains new information from the zone’s guides.

Removing the fear of some animals, learning to coexist with them, and dealing with them as a friend to humans.

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This park is also distinguished for giving visitors an integrated experience. It includes many restaurants and cafes, ice cream booths, and several other facilities, such as car parking, golf carts, scooters, prayer halls, nurseries, toilets, and so on.

It aims to provide pilgrims with a smooth journey by delivering the best services. Nusuk offers a user-friendly platform for all visitors to plan their visits. This, therefore, makes their visit to Kingdom much easier.

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Moreover, Nusuk has been linked to the official tourism website of Kingdom, Visit Saudi Arabia.

This unified online government platform also works towards achieving the goal of the Saudi Vision 2030. Hence, it is also helping Saudi Arabia to advance their tourism and travel sector.

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