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The Best Things To Do With Kids in Saudi Arabia

LifestyleThe Best Things To Do With Kids in Saudi Arabia

Do you have kids? Are you looking to travel to Saudi Arabia as soon as the pandemic subsides? Or maybe you’re planning to settle in a place in Saudi Arabia and raise your kids there.

Perhaps you are from the KSA and are just looking for some fun activities that you could do with your kids. So, maybe you just want to read about all the fun Saudi Arabia has to offer to kids.

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If the answer to any of the above is yes, you have come to the right place. Today we will be discussing all the very best things you can do in Saudi Arabia if you have kids. 

Frolic At A Theme Park 

One of the best things that Saudi Arabia has to offer for kids and adults is the plethora of theme parks. One of the KSA’s best theme parks is the Al Shallal Theme Park in Jeddah’s iconic Corniche promenade.

This theme park is vast, spanning 60,000 square meters. From crazy rollercoasters and an ice-skating rink to gentle merry-go-rounds, there is something for everyone.

Another excellent theme park along Jeddah’s Corniche is Atallah Happy Land, Amusement Park. This park has over 100 rides.  This park also features a good amount of eateries and stays open till 2 am, so it is the perfect place to spend all day with your kids. 

Shop At The Red Sea Mall 

The Red Sea Mall in the heart of Jeddah is a fantastic place to be if you have kids. The mall has loads of stores where your kids can shop to their heart’s content (and maybe to your wallet’s dismay).

The Red Sea Mall also has plenty of entertainment opportunities in a bowling alley, go-karting, and arcade games.

The food court features a delicious array of meals such as pizza, pasta, and burgers that kids of all ages are bound to love. 

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Marvel at the Kingdom Center 

Looking over the city of Riyadh, the 99-storeyed Kingdom Center is a place like no other for the whole family.

Along with luxury hotels and restaurants, this Tower also houses the Al Mamlaka Mall, which has all that one can want in terms of shopping, fun, and food.

The most breathtaking part of the Tower is the Sky Bridge, which looks down at the city from the height of 300 meters. The Sky Bridge offers marvelous views of the city from both sides of its 65-meter width. 

Step Back In Time At Ushaiqer Heritage Village 

The Ushaiqer Heritage Village is a fantastic place to take your kids to. This restored village provides a glimpse into people who used to live in Najd in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The town features quaint lanes as well as houses and mosques made of mud. The Heritage Village is sure to be a unique as well as an educational experience for your kids.

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Discover Marine Life At Fakieh Aquarium 

This aquarium along Jeddah’s Corniche is one of the most mesmerizing places you can visit in Saudi Arabia. It features a wide variety of marine life, from fishes to seahorses to sharks.

This spot is sure to be one of your kid’s favorites and is very informative if your kids like the ocean. Oh, and the dolphin show? An absolute crowd favorite. 

Learn More About The KSA’s History at Masmak Fortress 

The Masmak Fortress in the heart of Riyadh is the best place to introduce your kids to Saudi Arabia’s rich history and culture.

The Fortress’s sandcastle-like appearance creates a sense of mystery and allure that will definitely appeal to children.

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The Fortress also has a museum that displays fascinating exhibits about KSA’s history. This is also the perfect place to buy some souvenirs that your kids can hold onto. 

To conclude, Saudi Arabia is a place of wonder and magic. It has something for everything. A lot of the attractions in Saudi Arabia are targeted to appeal to kids.

With its wide range of fun and thrilling rides, entertainment, food, festivity, educational experiences, the KSA is the perfect place for your kids.

We hope this list helps whenever you’re next able to plan a day out with your kids in Saudi Arabia.