Places To Explore In Yanbu

Here we bring you a list of things to do in Yanbu. So that you don't miss out or leave with regrets but only memories.

What do you look out for when you plan on visiting a city or place or Is it a travel destination worth visiting? Does it suit you well and your interests? Is it vibe-specific? Or is it a complete package of fun on the land and later hit the waves kind of a place?

A place deserves recognition among the tourists with not just a single destination or a site to visit; it should offer more than that.

The one with breathtaking views along the way, recreational parks, and lakes, beautiful undiscovered heritage sites are well accounted for.

Not just those mountains and valleys to trek and malls to shop from, so that when you leave the iconic city, you have tangible memories.

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Given the requirements and expectations, we believe Yanbu is promising enough to stand up to all of them.

It is worth the hype, so it definitely is your type! Exploring the very mesmerizing ancient place makes you realize it’s gaining popularity.

Here we bring you a list of things to do in Yanbu. So that you don’t miss out or leave with regrets but only memories.

Al Bahr Beach

What locals call ‘Spring by the Sea‘ is a picturesque beach with an aquatic landscape. This beach is a popular destination for beach enthusiasts and adventure lovers.

Al Bahr beach inspires tourists and, being the family-friendly shores, welcomes them to visit the vibrant beachfront.

This place rewards you with a memorable boating experience, an unforgettable dive, and a picnic to remember.

Swim and snorkel through your vacation!

Lawrence of Arabia House

History diggers need your attention here because we know you didn’t just come to sunbathe in the city. Also addressed as the region’s heritage, this place, Lawrence of the Arabia House, is a historical landmark located in the Red Sea City.

This house is a two-story building rich in history, with the sea view adding to its attraction. The Former Military Advisor and British Intelligence Officer, Thomas Edward Lawrence, during the Great Arab revolt in 1915, resided in this house in Yanbu.

After the restoration it needed and the renovation it deserved, this place has become one of Yanbu’s must-visit tourist hubs.

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Flower Festival

Are you the kind who stops to take a picture of a fully blooming flower(s) in a landscape of greens? Do you believe there is nothing like natural floral beauty put together?

Here are all the reasons you should plan your trip around this flower festival. 

The day here starts with the fully blooming variety of flower collections and Instagram-worthy shots spread all around.

Also, plant nurseries, a mini strawberry farm, and the butterfly world are waiting for your glimpse.

Moreover, what adds to the fun is the interaction with the birds at the Mini Aviary. Last but not least, fireworks are the showstopper of the day! Make sure you don’t leave before you witness this all.

Dana Mall

If you’re a shopaholic or a person who is too lazy to stop by different outlets and shops, either way, this is your go-to place, all you get under one roof.

Dana Mall in yanbu-places-explore-yanbu-ksa-saudiscoop

Dana Mall, the largest retail haven of Yanbu, combines local boutiques with major renowned brands, suiting everyone’s taste.

Dana is the city’s premier spot from entertainment to dining, with movie theatres having a 21-screen complex and an amusement park.

Moreover, gym facilities and cafes are spread in the mall so you can burn the calories you gained along the way no guilt trip whatsoever.

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Radwa Mount

This majestic mount of the Al Khalil Mountains range stands 2282 meters tall as a true icon. It is located in Rakhou, which is one of Yanbu’s villages.

The mountain’s due popularity is its beauty, the signature red zone, and obviously, the height. Wildlife roams the landscape, making it a scenic view.

From birds like the lunar and partridge to wild animals like gazelle, ibex, leopard, etc., can be seen.

High-quality pure honey can be obtained from wildflowers that have been inherited among generations. Safe to say, this place inspires and motivates the Arabic poets, which reflects in their poetry. 

Safari Yanbu

Let’s imagine a day in the life of a tourist where you get to ride on a camel among the magical gold dunes.

When the ride is over, you get to rest in a tent with an Arabic drink in hand while the sunsets. A dreamy and dramatic visualization, right? Well, this can actually come true in Yanbu.

Add this to your Yanbu to-do list and enjoy an exciting 2-hour desert safari experience at the Bedouin wild camp.

Dolphin Free Diver

There is always a first time for everything and the next time for a magical experience. Been a frequent diver, or are you in for your first dive?

This family-run business is a team of outstanding, friendly professionals who make sure you dive like never before!

They take you to different scuba diving spots in the rich waters of Yanbu and make you witness the paradise undersea and explore the beautiful reefs. 

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Yanbu Night Market

A lively local marketplace in Yanbu is always well lit and does not see a dull night, drawing the attention of all age groups for decades. This market is the oldest and historically one of Yanbu’s most important landmarks. 

It was addressed as a night market by anglers and sailors. They used to do their sails set up early in the morning and returned with their catchers selling the best and the fresh, one-of-a-kind fish. 

The Yanbu market gained popularity because of the versatile premium quality and variable goods. You can see dry fruits being sold alongside cookware and textiles. 

Given the history and the market in its former glory, the buildings remind us of the traditional coastal construction and design. Collect beautiful souvenirs that can remind you of this place on your way back!


To summarise, the places mentioned above are just the best of many. With various exciting places like Yanbu waterfronts, lake parks, and Al Nawras Island, this lovely city has a fascination all of its own.

Not only is Yanbu a significant asset for the country’s economy, here history invites pilgrims and trade.

It will be ideal if you visit in moderate weather to enjoy water sports, perfect sunset and sunrise, and witness nature in the best of its bloom form.

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