Top 7 Must Visit Places of The World and Why

Top 7 Must Visit Places of The World and Why Saudiscoop
We share with you a compilation of our bucket list that we believe are must visits and recently discovered places of the World.

Are you with us to span the globe and hoot wanderlust? While we share with you a compilation of our bucket list that we believe are must visits and recently discovered places of the World.

The eternal planet we reside in is home to many frighteningly picturesque places. Our motherland has striking natural beauty and wonders with tremendous diverse geography and famous landmarks.

The tourists always preach seeking out the unknown. There are various tourists the explorers in the city who believe in appreciating nature and sharing their sublime experiences.

Not just that, they bring to the light some undiscovered and underrated destinations that deserve applause.

1- Crystal blue lake, Jiuzhaigou National Park, China

When scenic beauty and enchanting vibrant colors spread all around, that’s where the historic Jiuzhai valley starts. This long valley elevates reflecting nature with its crystal clear water and myriad colors.

Crystal blue lake is a natural preserve and the main attraction of Jiuzhaigou National Park.

Drawing a significant number of tourists every year, this lake is also known as Five Flower Lake because of a variety of colorful foliage and endangered fauna.

Jiuzhaigou is the term for ‘Nine Settlement Valley,’ which is named after all the nine villages that extend along the way of the park.

This blue lake has multi-layered and leveled waterfalls and incredible azure blues and emeralds greens that add to its picturesque uniqueness.

The peaks get covered with snow during winters, adding the last element to the scenery.

It’s hard to believe a place being one of the most populated countries and tourists could hold this much beauty and purity and maintain the reserve.

For tourism, April to November is the ideal time. That’s when most flowers bloom and spread colors of maximum joy. Jiuzhaigou Ring Way construction has made access to the parkway easier.

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2- Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki, Japan

Safe to say, this is a haven for flower enthusiasts. The beauty of this floral garden is it never seems dull phase.

Each season brings different species of fauna and flora, making sure this garden blooms almost year-round. The large fragrant gardens display spectacular beauty and gradients of colors serving as a scenic spot for visitors.

Plan your visit accordingly to what flowers you can expect to see and when. Let us start with the signature flower of Hitachi Park, Baby blue eyes, the Nemophila.

Transforming the Miharashi hill spreads into a blue sea; this flower is a true icon and owns the place during the spring. During the same time, tulips bloom across the lake and narcissuses in the Suisen Garden, near the park entrance.

Summer brings sunflowers, roses, and zinnias. Then as the year progresses, autumn invites cosmos flowers and Kochia bushes. Kochia bushes mimic fireballs and turn from green to bright red as the temperature falls.

How to know it’s autumn in the country? This park hosts a ‘Kochia Carnival’ and mesmerizes visitors by displaying their best fall colors.

The park offers a Seaside train ride to cover the area and rents bikes. It can be a large area to cover on foot; the visitors can bring their bicycles.

Moreover, The Park features an amusement park with fascinating rides suitable for all age groups. Restaurant and rest areas span the entire park.

Not just that, In August, the park plays host to the annual Rock in Japan festival.

3- Fairy Meadows, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Are you a risk-taker? Do you believe in taking up challenges just because the sky is the limit? The path to this is very dangerous, and every step matters.

But in the end, the goal leaves you mesmerized. Once you reach your destination, it’s all worth it.

No, we are not talking about your future here, but fairy meadows. Termed as the second deadliest by WHO in 2013, this is the only road to this famous place.

Now you know, so just plan with a courageous heart and mind.

Every corner, every peak, and all the lush greens of this place, locally called ‘Joot,’ justify an ecstatic vision. Fairy meadows invite all nature lovers with strong nerves for an enchanting journey.

If you’re traveling to Pakistan, this place is a must-visit adventure.

Carry less stuff and bag packs; wear trekking shoes and comfortable clothes. Set your camps and wake up to the view that shall last in your imagination for a lifetime.

Outlining the lush greens and dense alpine forest that surrounds the place is an unobstructed towering fairytale vision.

This vision is the second-highest mountain in Pakistan, Nanga Parbat. The ideal time to visit this place for trekking and camping is in the summers, from April to September.

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4- Santorini, Greece

When you pick up an artist’s palette and see a lot of colors around, you can picture how stunning Santoni would be. It is because this place has its own vision, which makes it so distinguishable.

The white-washed low cubicle buildings with iconic blue-domed churches facing the most bedazzling sea view make the place stand out.

You can’t overlook the sunsets in Oia, just like the rainbow that takes over the sky on a sunny day. Not only are they give you picture-worthy shots but something you want to experience with your partner.

To visit the golden beauty up close to the sea, they also have boat tours.

What adds to the fun is the hiking trail from Fira to Oia. Besides the hike on your way, you get to explore a lot of hidden alleys, windmills, and several sites in Caldera.

Are we done with the hike? Too tired? Seas the day! On Santorini Island, the perfect sunbathing spots are the Perissa Black Sand Beach and The Red Sand Beach.

Interested in finding out more about the history of this place, you can find museums in Thera too. Visit and stay in cave hotels and experience luxuries stay like never before.

Cable cars are also available to move around. You get a lot in just one place.

5- Garajonay National Park

Calling this a paradise for Eco-tourists won’t be wrong. In the heart of Spain lies La Gomera in the Canary Islands, where the Garajonay national park is located.

This place spans unique well, preserved laurel forests and vegetation covered by mist, adding to the scenic drama.

Essential elements and an abundance of historical and archaeological sites and sculptures are observed.

This park is renowned for having some flora and fauna that are endemic and with some only present in these forests.

Not just that, even some endemic animals and birds like Bolle’s and laurel’s pigeons can only be seen here in the park premises.

Moreover, along the island are naturally carved massive rocks, a network of streams, and jack and beanstalk like large trees that make it a fascinating landscape.

With promising and commanding views, the highest point is the Alto de Garajonay, at an altitude of 1,457 meters.

There are 18 routes of footpaths across the park, attracting tourists through trekking. If you’re a fan of cultural heritage and artistic landscapes and paintings, visit Spain already.

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6- Maui, Hawaii

Maui in Hawaii isn’t merely an island; it’s a whole vibe. Maui island is beloved for being Hawaiian’s second-largest island with the most famous beaches worldwide.

Known for its versatility and code of interest, Maui is well suited for all fellas.

Not just that, it’s an ideal vacation spot for hiking, serving farm-to-table cuisines, shopping, and exploring sacred valleys that aware you more about Hawaiian culture.

Maui is a unique combination of diverse landscape rainfalls that make the place more artistic and cascading.

Driving through the scenic lush green rainforests on Hana Road gives several magnificent lookouts. Besides that, jet-black sand around the glistening waters in Waianapanapa State Park becomes the attraction site.

Moreover, wildlife and birds in national parks, other sun-seeking multicolored beaches, Pipiwai hiking trails, watersports, and exploring the world of undersea creatures are all the to-do things in Maui.

Furthermore, After exploring life underwater and on land, might as well just go in the air? An ideal location! Maui, also known for helicopter tours, serves exceptionally stunning valleys, vistas, waterfalls, myriad of colorful beaches and greens from up above.

Not to mention species of whales worth watching, especially humpback whales. This place demands a visit and your time once in a lifetime for the variety it offers.

7- Machu Pichu, Peru

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Pichu, is a sacred historical site with aesthetic buildings and signature assembled rocks. Known to have world-famous ruins, this heritage site has finely crafted stonework in the midst of tropical forests and sculpted stones.

If you are into the idea of knowing history up close and are an explorer at heart, this should be on your radar.

A place like the one we see in the Jumanji series but much more realistic and with soaring mountains and rich fauna shrouded in fog.

Attracting many tourists every year following the Inca trail along the Urubamba River adds to their excitement. Not just that, they offer a train ride for passengers from Cuzco.

This place stands out because its crafted walls and stones fit together and are mastered through masonry techniques. Trek your way to the mountain terrains and explore nature and ancient history like never before.

Take from the discussion; these places do not offer some specific activities of interest. If there are water sports, there is enough to surf on the land, the best of both worlds.

Go on a vacation that suits your interests. Don’t keep planning; pick a place and tick that off your bucket list. Let the adventure to explore begin! YOLO!

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