3-Year Jail, and SR2 Million Fine For Cybercrimes Financial Fraud

Public Prosecution has reaffirms, those who commit financial fraud via the internet will get max jail of 3 years & fines up to SR2 million.

Public Prosecution warns against financial cybercrimes and fraud.

Riyadh — The Public Prosecution has reaffirmed that those who commit financial fraud through the internet will get a maximum jail term of three years and fines of up to SR2 million.

The Public Prosecution warned against any activities that involve creating or sending fake links, texts, or electronic messages impersonating government agencies or financial institutions.

Impersonation to obtain money or financial data through fraudulent means or false names.

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The Public Prosecution will take punitive measures against cybercriminals who seize movable assets. Or a bond or sign a bond impersonating the name of any entity in any manner.

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