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Saudization of Different Health Sectors Begins

HealthSaudization of Different Health Sectors Begins

Riyadh — MHRSD, the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, has announced the Saudization of specific health sectors.

The Saudization will include 60 percent staff in health specialization professions, 30 percent localization of engineering and technical jobs, and 40 percent Saudization of the sales staff of medical appliances and supplies.

The Saudization of these sectors will come into effect at the end of a specified grace period.

The localized health specialties include lab technicians and radiologists. And specialists of physiotherapy and therapeutic nutrition with a minimum salary of SR7,000 for specialists and SR5,000 for technicians.

On Monday, the ministry said the Saudization rate would be 60 percent of the health specialties. This new policy will create 5,600 jobs for Saudi men and women.

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The decision to localize jobs in the medical appliances sector will also include sales and advertising, first by 40 percent and increasing to 80 percent.

The localization of engineering and technical professions for medical devices was also in two phases: the first by 30 percent and the second phase by 50 percent, as their target is to create more than 3,000 job opportunities for male and female citizens.

The minimum wage is SR7,000 for holders of a bachelor’s degree and SR5,000 for technicians.

The MHRSD system will provide incentives for supporting private sector enterprises in employing Saudis, including wage subsidies of up to 50 percent.

It also includes training for job seekers, transportation allowance, and allowance for moving from one city to another.

Also included are payments for childcare to increase mothers’ participation and allowances for working remotely to encourage new work patterns.

The ministry has started implementing the decision to calculate Saudization rates in the private sector with a minimum salary of SR7,000 for Saudi dentists and pharmacists.

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