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Top Upcoming Mega Projects In Saudi Arabia That We Can’t-Wait For!

BusinessTop Upcoming Mega Projects In Saudi Arabia That We Can't-Wait For!

Saudi Arabia has introduced so many beautiful projects in the last decade. Attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world, it is fair to say that Saudi Arabia is starting to become a country people seek to travel to.

Saudi Arabia is going upward in terms of development, diversity of activities, and projects that are unique from anything we have ever seen. 

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In this article, we have jotted down a few of the many projects we look forward to seeing in Saudi Arabia soon. 

Upcoming Projects In Saudi Arabia

1- The Red Sea project: 

The Red Sea Project will be a gateway for a new tourism sector in Saudi Arabia. It will be based on 200 km of coastline and have a plethora of attractions.

These would include undiscovered islands, volcanoes, mountains, bodies of water, and a vast range of wildlife.

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Further, luxury will be a massive component of the experience, with multiple lavish resorts and all the amenities available. 

It will also intertwine Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage and significance with the mountain ranges. That, coupled with the resorts, will make a place enjoyable for everyone. 

2- Trojena; the mountains of Neom:

Saudi Arabia aims to build a tourist spot that is accessible all year round with Trojena. We expect this project to be up and running by 2026.

Depending on the particular season, there will be multiple activities for people to choose from. Wellness season will be Sep-Nov, the winter season will be Dec-Mar.

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Adventure season will be March-May, and Lake season will be May-Sep. The activities done in these seasons will depend on the weather. 

Activities such as skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, paragliding, climbing, and mountain biking will show people their adventurous side.

Further entertainments will include fairs, yoga retreats, cultural week, winter fashion week, and festivals relating to food and music.

Saudi Arabia aims to make this a place suitable for people of all age groups and hobbies. Further, it will also widely contribute to the job sector and, of course, the tourism sector.

3- The Line 

The linear city, better known asthe line,’ will be a 100-mile (175 km) long building. The building will stretch from Saudi Arabia’s northwest mountains to the Red Sea.

This eco-friendly project aims to work towards a sustainable environment. Transport will not be done by cars, buses, or other such vehicles. People will use public transport.

Additionally, it is said that all the places one may have to go will be accessible within a 5-minute walk, and no journey will take longer than 20 minutes.