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Exploring Neom City: Part 2(Updated 2024)

BusinessExploring Neom City: Part 2(Updated 2024)

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Neom City project is meant to diversify the country’s economy. It will create harmony between nature and humanity. It is expected to bring a lot of capital into the KSA’s economy while completely transforming the region.

Designs for the project include Neom Mountain and several luxury houses and hotels. Neom City also consists of 10 palaces meant for residential purposes, which could sell for up to $400 million each. Reportedly, at a meeting in December 2020, His Highness Prince Mohammed conceptualized the idea of a sustainable city. They rejected proposals with design ideas for the project that were too simple. 

A project that may change the world 

The project is expected to be on an unprecedented scale, not just in Saudi Arabia but also globally. The project has also been said to be flexible. It will be shaped by “changing priorities, opportunities, and challenges.”

Neom City is conceptualized to have a 106-mile-long carbon-neutral project called The Line, which will be a linear city solely powered by wind and solar energy and without cars.

One can travel the length of The Line by a high-speed train to every critical destination. For example, education centers and hospitals will be reached in just 5 minutes.

The other regional developments will be the Neom Bay, Aqaba Region, Neom Mountain, and Neom Industrial City. These all will surround The Line. The project is also set to have a resort on a mountainside called The Vault. 

The expanse of the project

The Neom is expected to have 14 industrial sectors, such as energy, food production, and media, which will diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy and reduce its dependence on crude oil. A project as ambitious as the Neom City calls for a team as ambitious, too.

Along with the architects, designers, and the executive team, the team worked day and night to realize Prince Mohammed’s vision for the project. Neom City has many other executives working diligently on it. Neom City will have its legal infrastructure, making the region a place for global development and conversation.

The architects working on Neom City are contemplating how feasible a massive skyscraper piercing The Line’s skyscape is. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the tower could be as tall as 1,600 feet. I am making it more elevated than the Empire State Building. It has a width of 55 miles, which is four times the length of Manhattan. 

AI-Enabled City: One-of-a-kind

The City, a part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision for 2030, will be run entirely by artificial intelligence and enhanced by machine learning and 5G systems. This kind of administration is expected to make the lives of Neom City’s residents easier. Neom City’s infrastructure, which will be “invisible,” will be built “around nature, instead of over it.” 

It has also been said that Neom will be a hub for innovation. Where budding entrepreneurs, as well as seasoned ones, will have the ideal environment to fulfill visionary ideas.

Neom City is expected to build a network of supply chains. That will be very beneficial to the KSA’s economy. Neom City will also focus on sustainable food, sports, entertainment, health and well-being, biotech, and financial services. 

Gidori is a new, ultra-modern residential golf community being built in Saudi Arabia by NEOM [NEOM website]. It’s designed to be a luxurious destination for golfers and anyone who enjoys outdoor activities.


If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway that combines world-class golf with stunning scenery and plenty of activities, Gidori could be the perfect place.

  • Exclusive community: Limited residences (200 villas and homes) with a boutique hotel.
  • Championship golf course: An 18-hole course designed to challenge golfers of all levels, with amazing coastal views.
  • Luxury amenities: Spas, gyms, swimming pools, a theatre, and various restaurants and shops.
  • Stunning location: Nestled in the scenic Gulf of Aqaba coastal hills, with a private beach club and opportunities for hiking, cycling, and stargazing.

Although it’s still under development, you can find more information on the NEOM website.

Treyam Lagoon Neom is a planned luxury lagoon resort destination currently under development by NEOM, a futuristic mega-project in northwest Saudi Arabia. It’s envisioned as a premier harbor destination located on the beautiful southern coast of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Treyam Lagoon

The resort will feature an audacious design with minimal impact on the land. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Bridge-like architecture connecting the northern and southern shores of the lagoon.
  • A 250-room luxury resort integrated within the bridge.
  • The world’s longest sky pool, a 450-meter rooftop infinity pool, offers unparalleled sea views.
  • Technology-enhanced health and wellness offerings and fitness amenities.

Treyam Lagoon is designed to be a haven for relaxation, rejuvenation, and active lifestyles. It will cater to guests seeking an experience that combines luxury, innovation, and breathtaking natural beauty.

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