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Know the Football Clubs in Saudi Arabia

SportsKnow the Football Clubs in Saudi Arabia

There is no other sport like football. The adrenaline, the sweat, the teamwork, the appreciation and compliments of your friends when you score a goal—there is no other sport like it. Football is also one of the most popular sports in Saudi Arabia, and they certainly have a team to boot.

The Saudi Arabian national team is one of Asia’s most successful football teams. The team has won the Asian Championship three times and has qualified for the FIFA World Cup five times. On that triumphant note, look at the KSA’s glorious football clubs. 

The first category we will examine is the clubs that play for the Saudi Professional League, also known as the SPL. The SPL is the top division of association football in Saudi Arabia, and 14 clubs play for it. 

These clubs are: 

1. Al-Nassar FC—This is a Riyadh-based football club that was formed in 1955. The club plays its home games at the King Saud University Stadium. 

2. Al-Hilal FC – Formed in 1957, this Riyadh-based football club is the SPL’s most successful team, holding 16 titles in their history. 

3. Al Shabab FC—Al Shabab FC was Riyadh’s first football club, founded in 1947. It was initially named Shabab Al Riyadh but was renamed Al Shabab in 1967.

4. Al-Ahli FC – Based in Jeddah, Al-Ahli FC, formed in 1937, is in the top league of the SPL with 13 SPL wins. 

5. Ittihad FC – Meaning “The Union” is a Jeddah-based football club founded in 1927, making it Saudi Arabia’s oldest and first football club. 

6. Al-Faisaly FC—This football club, based in Harmah City, was formed in 1954. It was named after King Faisal, who was the crown prince at the time. 

7. Al-Fateh SC—Founded in 1958, Al-Fateh is a multi-sports club based in Hofuf. It is best known for its football club, Al-Fateh FC.

8. Khaleej FC – This Saihat-based football club is a part of the Khaleej Sports Club, formed in 1945. 

9. Al-Qadisiyah FC – The Al-Qadisiyah football club was formed in 1967 and is based in Khobar.

10. Al Raed FC—Abdulaziz Al-Aboudi is one of the principal founders of this football club, which was established in 1954 and is based in Buraidah.

11. Al-Taawon FC – Al-Taawon FC was founded in 1956 and is based in Buraidah.

12. Al-Wehda Club—Al-Wehda is a multi-sports club based in Mecca, founded in 1945. It also has a handball section. 

13. Hajer Club – The Hajer Club was founded in 1950 and is based in Al-Hasa.

14. Najran SC—Najran Sports Club is a Saudi Arabian football team based in Najran Club and founded in 1980.

The second category is the Saudi First Division, also known as Prince Mohammed bin Salman League (MS League), the second tier of professional football in Saudi Arabia. All the MS teams qualify for the King Cup, the annual Saudi Cup competition. The Saudi First Division has 19 units.

The Saudi Second Division is the third tier of the Saudi Arabian football league system. Founded in 1996, it has 24 teams.

The fourth tier of the Saudi Arabian professional football league system is the Saudi Third Division, which has 34 teams and is supervised by the Saudi Arabian Football Federation. 

That was an overview of the fantastic football clubs based in Saudi Arabia. There are a lot more that are making the KSA proud every day. 

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